Government Nuclear Dump Lies Spun in the Big Issue

Government Nuke Dump Lies Spun in The Big Issue. Dec 9-15th 2013
Government Nuke Dump Lies Spun in The Big Issue. Dec 9-15th 2013

In The Big Issue in the North 9-15 December 2013
Nuclear Dump:waste and want not

..Jamie Reed, MP for Copeland -home of the Sellafield site and one area interested in hosting the repository – is a major advocate for nuclear energy and backed the proposals to remove the county councils from the decision making process. He said: “Cumbria County Council’s termination of the previous process – against popular public opinion in my constituency and against the wishes of the two West Cumbrian councils was akin to the people of Oxford vetoing Crossrail or the expansion of Heathrow.”

The Big Issue in the North in the past has been one of very few national and regional media outlets to print letters from campaigners opposing the nuclear dump. This week the Big Issue has run an article which could have been written by Jamie Reed former spin doctor for Sellafield and now nuclear cheerleader and MP for Copeland. His lie that the nuclear dump has “popular public opinion” is no doubt going to be repeated again and again as part of the push to continue the geological dumping agenda in Cumbria. The majority of Parish Councils in the Sellafield area are strongly opposed to a geological dump under them and have voted in opposition. Jamie Reed is trying to push the idea that it is ONLY ‘outsiders’ opposing the nuke dump – well yes – ‘outsiders’ living a few miles away are strongly opposed as are the people who live cheek by jowl with Sellafield. The dire impacts of Sellafield and of a proposed nuclear dump do not recognise false boundaries of the kind that Jamie Reed is cynically pushing. Cumbria can be cycled from one end to the other in a day.

Jamie Reed MP’s nuclear cheerleading colleague Lord O’Neill has outlined the “more aggressive” approach if Cumbria still refuses to ‘bed the waste,’ which would be to force a nuclear dump on Cumbria. For goodness sake this is nuts, if the government is so hell bent on forcing geological dumping* then the government should at the very least force the dump on an area which is less likely to leak radioactivity into the groundwater within a very short time.

* Geological Dumping of high level wastes is unproven, unscientific and unethical -we are opposed to Geological Dumping anywhere not just in Cumbria

‘They told me it was already safe and the economic benefits would be huge – I would not have said yes…’

Her Majesty’s Government Plot Cumbrian Nuclear Dump

Rock Solid? European Leaders are being misled over the safety of underground disposal of highly dangerous nuclear waste which could poison groundwaters for centuries..

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