Radiation Free Lakeland – Review of the Year

Radiation Free Lakeland - Review of the Year 2013
Radiation Free Lakeland – Review of the Year 2013

Many Thanks to All who have been actively opposing the nuclear monster -Here’s to a Radiation Free 2014!

January: Ditch the Nuke Dump! Demo at Bowness Bay
Over 100 people turned up to show their support for Cumbria County Council voting NO on the 30th January. Over 100 letters were signed to put on a giant postcard to the Leader of Cumbria County Council. There was life affirming music provided by Handbrake Shirley and a great atmosphere of camaraderie in our determination to stop the government’s insane plan to turn Cumbria into a nuclear sacrifice zone.

January:Nuclear Waste Plan Dumped (image:Westmorland Gazette 31.1.2013)
Hurray- the Dump is Ditched!!!

March: We placed hazard warning signs at the entrance to Seascale beach and then walked along the coast to the Sellafield site. At the gates, we held a candle lit vigil to mark the 2nd Fukushima anniversary and took a moment of silence to contemplate the disaster, its long term effects on humanity and the environment, and the continuing implications for all.

March: We exposed the outsourcing of Sellafield’s dirty “non active” laundry to Shortridge at Lillyhall and Crumlin in Wales, where Sellafield has a contract to send “active” laundry. These contracts are for contingencies such as an interruption to the water or power supply and involves tens of thousands of items of clothing and towels.

April: Marking the Chernobyl Anniversary at St Bees and highlighting radioactive particles dumped continually on our beaches as a result of Sellafield reprocessing.

June: Carlisle Crown Court, Sellafield was fined £700,000 for dumping several bags of intermediate and low level waste in ordinary landfill. The bags were plastic and lay broken in the same landfill used for composting and recycling. The fine is meaningless. The public will be picking up the tab. The only meaningful fine would be a ban on Sellafield dumping ANY radioactive waste in ANY landfill.

August: DEMO outside Lillyhall Industrial Estate, to protest the dangerous and immoral nuclearisation of a previously nuclear free area of Cumbria. At Lillyhall, there is now a laundry taking in Sellafield’s dirty washing, a radioactive scrap metal yard and a landfill that the EU describe as a nuclear waste ‘repository’ i.e. dump. None of these things were approved by people or businesses living in the area, all of them were sanctioned by the regulatory bodies supposed to be acting as watchdogs.

October: No was the wrong answer for a Government desperate to keep the Geological Dump on track. We went to Wasdale Show opposing the new CONsultation – lots of people signed letters of objection.

December: Taking the No Nuke Dump message to Whitehall – Loud and Clear!

December: Keekle Head saved from nuclear tipping of low level waste! Congratulations to all who have campaigned long and hard to save this overwintering site of hen harriers. Lets make sure we stop High Level Nuclear waste from being tipped into a big hole under Cumbria….

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