Unicorn Tears Saved ..Keekle Head Radioactive Waste Ban Is Good News For Fresh Water Pearl Mussels

Unicorn Tears

Unicorn in Cumbria - Winter Solstice Deep Earth Magik
Unicorn in Cumbria – Winter Solstice Deep Earth Magik

An Article on Keekle Head in this Months Lancashire magazine has made it to the light of day… Note the absence of any national articles, media or comment on this decision which has huge ramifications for the government’s vicious nuclear agenda.

Extract from the article:

Cumbria’s cabinet member for the environment Councillor Clare Feeney-Johnson said: ‘It sends a clear message to Endecom and other developers that not only has the county council made the correct strategic decision based on the full range of evidence, but also that it was acting in the best interests of the local community.’
Marianne Birkby spokesman for campaigners Radiation Free Lakeland said, ‘Congratulations to all who have campaigned hard and long to save Keekle Head from becoming a nuclear dumping ground for the top end of low level nuclear wastes. Campaigners against the nuclearisation of Keekle Head included pronuclear councillors and even the Copeland MP Jamie Reed, the same people who are bizarrely campaigning for the infinitely bigger and more dangerous geological dumping of high level nuclear wastes under Cumbria.
‘Keekle Head is the source of the beautiful River Keekle featured recently on BBC’s Countryfile as one of the last strongholds of the critically endangered freshwater pearl mussel.’
Cumbrian salmon poachers hunted freshwater pearl mussels in Victorian times for rare black pearls known as ‘unicorn tears’.

Full article here:

note: a passing thought for winter solstice, traditionally a time of deep earth magik: is believing in unicorns less delusional than believing in the myth of clean nuclear ‘power’ ?

4 thoughts on “Unicorn Tears Saved ..Keekle Head Radioactive Waste Ban Is Good News For Fresh Water Pearl Mussels

  1. The BBC turned up to the Inquiry with a regional reporter and cameraman spent all morning and some of the afternoon, did lots of interviews took lots of footage ….and nothing made it past the cutting room floor

  2. Re BBC: strange, or maybe not.
    Thanks so much for the lovely post. I think the unicorn more likely real. Can Cumbria leave the UK along with Scotland? The borders of Scotland have traditional ties with Cumbria. The book on Hilda Murrell reads like a novel thus far (not far into it). It would be interesting to see the nuclear dump white paper which she had written a critique of just before she died. It was the same trick — they wanted a dump to justify a new reactor. Lucky now that people can have plenty of backups to any research papers.

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