Today at Hinkley “Return to Sender” Nuclear Waste Barrels

Nuclear Waste Barrels    costumes
Nuclear Waste Barrels costumes

*Santa Claus to protest at Hinkley Nuclear Power Station*

On Thursday 11th December, protesters dressed as Santa Claus and as
giant drums of radio-active waste will descend on Hinkley Nuclear Power
Station in Somerset in a *RETURN TO SENDER*protest.

The aim of their visit will be to return unwanted Christmas presents ..
radio-active waste.

Protesters will be singing Christmas carols and a parody of the Elvis
classic ‘Return to sender’

*The protest takes place between on Thursday 11th December 12.00 and
2.00pm at the main gates of Hinkley Nuclear Power Station in Somerset.*

*Background*: The present nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point send
radio-active waste to the reprocessing site at Sellafield in Cumbria at
least once a week. It is transported by road from Hinkley to Bridgewater
where it is loaded by crane onto trains. The loading depot is next to
Eastover Junior School where at least one incident of spillage of
radio-active waste has occurred (3 Feb 1988.)

Protesters are opposing the proposed new nuclear power station Hinkley-C
as un-safe, un-necessary, and un-affordable. They go on to say that
nuclear power will not save us from climate change. In the mean time
Sellafield is one of the most polluted and dangerous places on the
planet and it’s madness to continue producing more waste.

*Protesters* say “There’s already well over a hundred tons of plutonium
waste at Sellafield – the most dangerous and toxic element on earth. We
ask the question WHY? And we say its madness to keep adding to this
lethal stockpile. No more nuclear power stations and clean up the
existing mess

*Marianne Birkby* RADIATION FREE LAKELAND says …Nuclear waste is a
toxic time bomb not wanted by anyone. Sellafield in Cumbria is where all
nuclear reprocessing and eventual dumping of radioactive materials takes
place in the UK. Reprocessing was the heart of plutonium manufacturing
for the British atomic weapons program, there is now around 140 tonnes
of plutonium. The full inventory of radioactive wastes are not known.
Sellafield says with hellish optimism “We are world leaders in nuclear
waste management.”   The reality is crumbing open tanks of radioactive
wastes too radioactive even for robots to get anywhere near. Cumbria is
way past saturation point as far as radioactive wastes are concerned.
The only “solution”  is to dump it into the environment. More power to
the protesters stopping the insane building of even more nuclear power

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