Please Look After This Bear’s Home!

Postcard from Peru -  Leave Uranium in the Ground!
Postcard from Peru –
Leave Uranium in the Ground!
Please Look After This Bear's Home. London Paddington
Please Look After This Bear’s Home. London Paddington

Press Release sent out …. Again
studiously ignored by the press thus far.

First reporter to break the silence will receive a Paddington Bear!

Please Look After This Bear’s Home!
Uranium From Peru to fuel new UK nuclear power plants?

With filming for the forthcoming Paddington Bear film in full swing, the famous Paddington Bear statue in London has been the focus of campaigners. Campaigners are highlighting the threat to Peru, the home of the Andean Bear on which Paddington is based, from uranium mining. Peru is currently a nuclear free country with no uranium mining. But as a direct result of the UK’s nuclear policy fuelling the demand for uranium , this could change. Nuclear cheerleaders such as George Monbiot disingenuously say “let them burn plutonium” but the brutal reality of this nasty nuclear cheerleading is the ripping of uranium out of the ground. Peter Hooper the Chief Executive of Macusani Yellowcake, a Toronto based company has said: “Peru has no uranium mining and they have one medical
 reactor. That’s it. The uranium here was found by Margaret Thatcher…She persuaded the British Geological Survey to fly Peru and
 half of Chile ..Right now we own 90% of the plateau”. (Macusani Plateau).

In December 2013 Macusani Yellowcake said they plan to mine 8.5 million tonnes over 10 years. This would make Peru the largest uranium exporter in South America, on behalf of Canada, the UKs supplier.
Marianne Birkby the founder of Radiation Free Lakeland, based in Cumbria said: The people of the High Andes are poor– but they are not polluted by uranium mining – this plan would destroy their lives and livelihoods for ever. The Quelccaya Icecap, the world’s largest tropical icecap is near Corani-Macusani, this important icecap is imperiled by uranium mining. The area is the primary homeland for Alpaca, the most important grazing animal of the indigenous Quechua people. Entire Andean Communities and plants and animals including the Andean Bear are endangered by this proposed uranium mining. It is genocidal and this is the brutal reality of the UK’s nuclear build programme.
Peru has no safety regulations on mining and transportation of radioactive material. Most roads are barely travelable around sheer mountain cliffs. Electricity is almost non-existent and water is a scarce and precious resource courtesy of the Quelccaya Icecap.



Paddington Bear “will have a slightly Peruvian flavour” Empire online

Macusani Yellowcake

Click to access YEL-PEA-presentation_Dec-2013.pdf

Mining Awareness

George Monbiot “let them burn plutonium”

Paddington Bear’s Home and Tropical Icecap about to be shafted by nukiller?

7 thoughts on “Please Look After This Bear’s Home!

  1. Brilliant post. Thanks for looking out for these lovely people and alpacas. Love the demo-protest. Although Cameco pulled out still always a risk that the others will do it worse and on the cheap. Also it will be another dangerous by product of the Bear Creek lead and silver mine in the Macusani Corani area which is moving along. And we must not forget the rock art. With the new highway the alpaca capital of the world could do much better with tourism.

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  3. If you type Peru uranium into, and search within the last year, this post, your video and your more recent post are together on page 2. If you type macusani corani uranium this post comes on top of the Mac Yel web site. This is truly occupying the internet! Bravo!

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