Save Brockhole’s Monkey Puzzle..

Join us in painting the Monkey Puzzle Tree and handing out leaflets this Friday from 11am at Brockhole, Ambleside..

The National Park have given the thumbs up to new nuclear build and a nuclear dump – so in the scheme of things the felling of a tree is of little consequence? The tree is the Monkey Puzzle – an endangered species in its native Chile and very sensitive to pollution of air, soil and water…


Will be felled by the Lake District National Park later this year UNLESS ENOUGH PEOPLE SAY NO
The Gaddum family commissioned the creation of Brockhole and asked Thomas Mawson to design the grounds. Once Mawson had completed his design, the Gaddums set about personalizing their garden and the monkey puzzle was the first tree they planted. The Lake District National Park’s reason for felling the tree now is that it “is not part of the Mawson design” this is a mean spirited view to take of a garden that has evolved over many decades.
The Brockhole Monkey Puzzle is “one of the finest specimens in Cumbria” Cumbria Gardens Trust

National Tree of Chile.
Declaration of the monkey puzzle tree as a Natural Monument in Chile means that logging of this endangered species is now forbidden and there are national parks in Chile for its protection

Please Oppose the felling- Email etc
T: 01539 724555
W: LDNP Murley Moss, Oxenholme Rd, Kendal, LA9 7RL

Letter to the LDNPA from Cumbria Gardens Trust opposing the felling

Letter to the LDNPA from Radiation Free Lakeland

Monkey Puzzle – Endangered – Global Trees Campaign

Draws the line at Exposure to Pollution

2 thoughts on “Save Brockhole’s Monkey Puzzle..

  1. Had the privilege to meet with members of the ‘Save Brockhole’s Monkey Puzzle’ at the Ancient Tree Forums meeting in Ambleside on Thursday.
    Letter of opposition to the felling has been sent and notification sent to my many friends across the globe. Hope this all helps.
    Its funny how the first images one sees of Brockhole’s on Google include a picture of this Monkey Puzzle Tree. Out of only 3 pictures on the front page it was the central one when i searched for information on ‘Brockhole’s visitor centre’. I would say that makes it an iconic part of Brockhole’s vista in the eyes of the global internet community, wouldn’t you?

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