Shh! Infrastructure Bill: Nothing to see here (just the removal of democracy)

An excellent analysis of the diabolic plan….

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The Infrastructure Bill is one of the Coalition’s most insidious pieces of legislation. Within, there lurks a whole raft of clauses which undermine environmental protection and diminish common laws and rights: Greenbelt, National Parks, Fracking… and right in the darkest, eensiest hidey-hole.. underground nuclear waste dumps!

The House of Lords are to discuss the siting of such a facility this Wednesday. The angle taken under the government’s new proposals is an attempt to wipe out democratic process, to undermine legitimate local authority decisions and to remove the potential for opposition to their actions. In effect, when government did not get the answer it wanted it has chosen to change the rules.

Such disregard for due process and local decision-making makes a mockery of the concept of justice. With time at such a premium, an urgent campaign has been launched to highlight the potential dangers (to environment and to justice) and…

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2 thoughts on “Shh! Infrastructure Bill: Nothing to see here (just the removal of democracy)

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