Baroness Verma faces fresh rebellion over radioactive waste disposal debate. House of Lords, Moses Room, at 3.45 pm tomorrow, wed

Baroness Verma at the Mock Council of the European Union flickr CC-BY. Foreign and Commonwealth Office


Dear Tim

Tomorrow in the House of Lords at 3.45pm in the Moses Room Baroness Verma
will be leading a plan to change the law in order to dump democracy along
with nuclear waste.

Having just found out about this, Radiation Free Lakeland and other
voluntary groups have been frantically lobbying the House of Lords with
emails, phone calls and persuading those with a powerful voice such as
Friends of the Lake District to do the same.

Frack Free Somerset and others are also opposing this move, there appears
to be the
very real possibility that fracking boreholes may be used to dump nuclear
wastes. Radiation Free Lakeland are also mindful of the fact that 100
boreholes up to 150m deep (the depth at which nuclear wastes “can” be
dumped) are being dug right now next to Beckermet allegedly in preparation
for “Moorside’

To abandon the democratic process completely, by making the dumping of
nuclear waste a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project will exclude
locally-elected councilors, county officials and remove the need for any
genuine public consultation.

How much does the government want nuclear power? Will it do anything and
risk literally everything from democracy to health and the environment to
achieve that?

yours sincerely

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

MOre information here

4 thoughts on “Baroness Verma faces fresh rebellion over radioactive waste disposal debate. House of Lords, Moses Room, at 3.45 pm tomorrow, wed

  1. What this means is that they effectively use eminent domain to place it where-ever they want? What democracy? When? It must have been so short that I slept through that part of history class and the book. It is truly strange that the UK replaced a hereditary House of Lords with appointed Lords, rather than elected ones. It appears telling that Baroness Verma was not able to be elected to House of Commons so was appointed to the House of Lords! The old hereditary Lords mostly bought their positions as business people, ca 1700s. Appointing the head of BP to the House of Lords looks rather similar. Leicester looks the most nuclear free zone of England. All very strange even to the most skeptical. There was an Oak Ridge experiment on dumping in bore holes, which, of course, leaked. One of the many strange things I find daily, and can’t seem to post them all.

  2. Jacqueline Donnelly

    Marianne, have you seen the article in todays News and Star headed:


    The former prime minister of Japan will later today call for nuclear power plans to be “abandoned” during a visit to the UK. Naoto Kan was premier during the disaster at Fukushima in 2011 caused by the tsunami that hit Japan’s Pacific coast. He has since become a staunch anti-nuclear campaigner and will deliver “stark” warnings over the UK’s commitment to nuclear energy during visits to Wales today and tomorrow. He will view the site of a proposed new power plant at Wylfa on Anglesey accompanied by Yoshiko Aoki, an evacuee from the Fukushima incident. He said “what occurred in Fukushima in 2011 was caused by humans, not natural disaster. It is clear to me that what caused this catastrophe was our commitment to an unsafe and expensive technology that is not compatible with life on this planet. The only safe option when it comes to nuclear power is to abandon your plans for nuclear power. It simply is not worth the risk. Prior to the meltdown Japan’s nuclear industry was confident it had all required safety measures in place. Within hours of the tsunami, it became quite clear that our physical and communications infrastructure was insufficient. As a result we came close to causing a disaster that would have required the evacuation of a 155 mile radius, perhaps keeping 50 million people from their homes for up to 30 years. That would have included Tokyo.”

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