PLEASE Ask Powerful Organisations to Lobby against Nuclear Dump Plan to be discussed in House of Lords on Wedesday

Nuclear Waste Barrels    costumes
Nuclear Waste Barrels costumes

Below is an example of a letter sent to the Angling Trust …we need to lobby organisations THIS MORNING ideally.  The House of Lords are discussing on wednesday at 3.45pm the plan to remove the democratic right of people to have a say in the dumping of nuclear waste.

Big orgs – ask them to assist with lobbying the House of Lords

Angling trust – 01568 620 447 contacted

Friends of the Lake District  t. 01539 720788  f. 01539 730355  e.

CPRE 020 7981 2800

local government association 020 7664 3000

lake district national park authority 01539 724555

wildlife trust 01636 677711

Dear Angling Trust,
I was very pleased to see your welcoming of a fracking climb down
about fracking in SSSIs and AONBs and I’m contacting you about another
issue of grave concern.

Unfortunately the government is still threatening these sensitive
areas and our water supply with their plans for Nuclear Waste. Because
the Coalition government are so desperate for new nuclear reactors
they have to be able to claim that the nuclear waste problem is sorted
in order to go ahead. You may already have been involved with the MRWS
process in Cumbria where their most recent search for a dump failed.

The failure of these processes has much to do with the political
corruption involved with the current and past processes.

Right now the government is trying to make Geological Disposal
facilities (GDF) into Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects
(NSIP) this will remove the right to make planning decisions relating
to exploratory boreholes and GDFs themselves from local communities
and planning authorities, placing the power to decide in the hands of
the secretary of state. The GDF concept is an unproven concept and
the only operating facility in the world the WIPP in America which
only takes low level waste has been closed down for over a year due to
exploding waste and contamination.

The Statutory Instrument that will make GDFs NSIP is going through
parliament RIGHT NOW it is being debated in the house of lords moses
room this wednesday. We are up against it & new to lobbying and so
would really like your help to ensure that our nations water is
protected for current & future generations.

I attach for your information a letter that a few of us have sent to a
few lords so far (Lord Tyler, Baroness Jones of Moullescombe, Baroness
of Chilthorne Dormer Lord Salisbury, Lord Whitty, Lord Northover,
Lord Sainsbury of Turville, Lord Rooker and Baroness Young of Old Scone)

I’m writing to you to ask for your assistance in lobbying on this
issue – it is my hope that you have already identified ‘friendly’
peers that you’ve lobbied before over other issues such as fracking.

Please could you assist with this? The lords rarely reject a statutory
instrument (although they do occasionally when it is something
controversial). I’ve been adviced by parliamnetary outreach that we
need to reate an atmosphere in the house of lords that may cause the
government to withdraw delay postpone their plans. Please can you
assist us in this most urgent matter?

We have less than two
days to pile pressure on the lords and try and get enough lords into
the debate to have a bit of a ‘ding-dong’ so that they have to move it
to the main chamber for a vote, if not it will be debated uncontested
before going to the commons.

2 thoughts on “PLEASE Ask Powerful Organisations to Lobby against Nuclear Dump Plan to be discussed in House of Lords on Wedesday

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