Truth is too Hot – Sellafield keep schtum (or misinform) to keep the whole shebang going

HOT -"Wildlife Monitoring Scheme"
HOT -“Wildlife Monitoring Scheme”


Despite Sellafield’s PR  spin saying that deer had been “accidentally” trapped,  evidence points to the trapping of wildlife within the Sellafield site as deliberate.

Why else build an L shaped bank around the site , plant native trees, make it attractive for wildlife…and then fence it in…thereby increasing the footprint of the site?

In 1988 a report produced for government by the then Institute of Terrestrial Ecology advises “the establishment of wildlife monitoring schemes…to provide an early warning of radionuclide accumulation”

So Sellafield built a bank and planted it with trees: “a roughly L- shaped parcel of land” At the widest point the piece of land is no more than 0.3km wide and in total the enclosed area represents approximately 15 hectares.

Then they fenced it in trapping deer (and other wildlife) which are- as the recent redacted_Deer Report-Sellafield  obtained under Freedom of Information, helpfully says :

“excellent bio-indicators and sentinels of environmental contamination.
Because of their extremely rapid and efficient deposition of minerals in
bone, they are recognised as important sources of data in respect of heavy
metal and radioactive isotope accumulation. Given the nature of the
industrial work at Sellafield, the regular sampling of deer bone and liver
tissue might be an attractive prospect for those responsible for
environmental monitoring at the site.”

Radiation Free Lakeland have asked further questions of the site operators, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, under Freedom of Information


1. What was harvested tissue from the culled deer tested for?

2. What are the results of tests on the culled deer?

3. Was the advice of the 1988 Institute of Terrestrial Ecology report acted on in
setting up a “wildlife monitoring scheme” at Sellafield? Namely the L shaped high
bund planted up with trees on the Calder Gate side of the Sellafield site adjacent
to the golf course?



There will be a demonstration on Wednesday at 1pm outside the Calder Gate to protest the continuing experimentation on our wildlife (and on us) while the industry continues to disperse radioactivity to the environment.

Instead of containment of radionuclides there is  now an acceleration of radionuclide releases from decommissioning, reprocessing and planned new build…

Sellafield Springwatch – roe deer and other animals


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