Sellafield Springwatch – Roe Deer and Other Animals

Springwatch at Sellafield
Springwatch at Sellafield


Springwatch Sellafield Style.

  • Sellafield have enticed with new woodland,
  • trapped with new fences,
  • killed with the blessing of Cumbria Wildlife Trust
  • and “harvested” tissue from increasingly threatened native roe deer.


Wednesday 23rd from 1.00pm  is an Open invitation to meet outside the Sellafield Calder Gates (head to Seascale and the lane to Calder Gates is signposted).

Invited are All who oppose this continuing diabolic lunacy and who want remaining deer to be freed from the meaningless fences.

This will be the 5th demonstration to oppose the cull and free the deer.

We will also be remembering the wild free lives trashed by Sellafield.

The fences are meaningless while Sellafield continues to reprocess and chuck radioactive waste into the environment as part of “decommissioning.”

The deer are us and we are the deer.

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One thought on “Sellafield Springwatch – Roe Deer and Other Animals

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