Radiation Impacts: US Declassified Research-Expts, 1943-1949, Part III

Human Plutonium Experiments….. Included body snatching here in Cumbria….

Mining Awareness +

The human plutonium experiments are included in some of the entries for the 1943-49 research experiments listed below. We introduced the Human Plutonium Experiments at the bottom of this interim post: http://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/from-the-nuclear-buchenwald-touch-hamiltons-words-in-1950-to-nuclear-extermination/

A pro-nuclear individual-troll implied that we were exaggerating, when we said that those promoting nuclear appear to want to be as gods. However, actually, our statement has its roots in a comment made, decades ago, by an Oak Ridge Biochemist-Ph.D., who once observed that doctors were like gods, with the power of life and death over people. As this comment was made before the first US Congressional Report on the “American Nuclear Guinea Pigs“, 1986, it seemed rather odd. In fact, peculiar enough to recall, in detail, decades later.

Aren’t doctors supposed to heal people and not wield the power of life and death over them? Not in Oak Ridge, and other places, where there…

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