Pull the Plug on Officially Sanctioned Radioactive Fly Tippers.

Workington’s Fortified Castle
The only protection from radioactive groundwater is to say NO




Radiation Free Lakeland will be holding a demonstration outside Lillyhall
Business Park, Jubilee Road entrance next Saturday 11am -12 noon to oppose
the ongoing and accelerating nuclearisation of previously uncontaminated areas of

Marianne Birkby from Radiation Free Lakeland said “the nuclear industry and
our government are acting like the most immoral and dangerous flytippers in
the world in the rush to get shot of nuclear wastes.

For example at Lillyhall, which was once a nuclear free area of Cumbria there is now a laundry taking in Sellafield’s dirty washing, a radioactive scrap metal yard and a landfill
that an EU Directive is describing as a nuclear waste ‘repository’ i.e.
dump complete with a “controlled” release of radioactivity to groundwater.
This abuse of human rights is taking place on the q.t. None of these
things were approved by people or businesses living in the area, but all
of them were sanctioned by the regulatory bodies supposed to be acting as
watchdogs. The Environment Agency is toeing the line with the EU Directive
and has just issued a permit for Lillyhall to receive millions of tonnes
of so called “exempt” radioactive waste from Chapelcross and other smashed
up/decommissioned nuclear plants”.

Radiation Free Lakeland will be at Lillyhall Business Park inbetween 11
and 12 noon and then will be in Workington Town Centre, Washington Square,
from 1pm telling people about the inhumane release of radiation to ground
water only a couple of miles away. Workington’s medieval fortified tower
house was built to protect its inhabitants– no fortification in the world
will repel radioactivity once released into the groundwater. There will
be a letter for people to sign to send to Tim Farron, Cumbrian MP and
member of government, asking for an end to dumping so called “exempt”
waste in landfill:

Dear Tim Farron MP,


Councils and political leaders in Cumbria have opposed proposals to dump
nuclear waste in landfill at Lillyhall. They have also opposed turning a
former open cast coal mine in the Lake District into the UK’s first
purpose built nuclear dump site at Keekle Head. Keekle Head is the source
of the beautiful river Keekle and home to endangered species such as hen
harriers and fresh water pearl mussels. Radioactive waste, rubble and
soil from smashed up nuclear plants undergoing “decommissioning” i.e.
dispersal, are being trucked hundreds of miles to Cumbria and this is set
to escalate.

If this “exempt” waste is so safe why is it being trucked
hundreds of miles from Scotland and the South? Why not just put it in
Scotland’s landfill? The answer is that it is NOT SAFE and NO ONE WANTS
IT. The plan: “the controlled release of radioactivity to groundwaters”
(EU Directorate D Nuclear Energy Radiation Protection – Lillyhall) .
Please, as a key member of government and Cumbrian MP ensure that the 2007
“exempt” law allowing companies to dump nuclear waste in landfill is
revoked. Dumping large volumes of radioactive waste in landfill should be
banned as it was prior to 2007. Deregulation of the banks led to a toxic
crash. The deregulation of the nuclear industry if not stopped and
reversed will lead to a far more serious toxic crash. Please revoke the
“exempt” 2007 law and ban nuclear waste in landfill.

Yours sincerely,


Nuclear Laundry

Radioactive Scrap Metal at Lillyhall

Nuclear Landfill at Lillyhall

Environment Agency permit for Lillyhall

EU Directorate D
“A recent Hydrogeological Risk Assessment has demonstrated that the
proposed modifications to the design are sufficient for the controlled
release of radioactivity in the HV-VLLW to groundwaters.
It is
expected that the HV-VLLW will arrive at the Lillyhall Landfill Site in
skips or tipper trucks. The waste will be covered during transport to
prevent the re-suspension of dust and water ingress. Plastic liners or
super sacks may be used to reduce any contamination of the transport
container. The HV- VLLW will be loose-tipped to one side of the cell and
non-radioactive waste will be disposed to other parts of the cell. HV VLLW
is proposed to be deposited in its own dedicated cell and once complete
this area will be engineered in the same manner as the dedicated asbestos
cell, after which it will be covered with non-hazardous waste. There will
be no intimate mixing between the radioactive and non- radioactive wastes.
The waste will be tipped in such a way as to ensure that large gradients
in slope do not arise, there is no slumping of the waste and the addition
of a soil layer on top of the HV-VLLW is practicable”.

Click to access tech_report_uk_2011.pdf

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