Tim Farron MP “Powerful Evidence” to Pull the Plug on Radioactive Fly Tipping

Meet the Nuclear Fockers, Lillyhall

MP Tim Farron says there is “powerful evidence” for pulling the plug on
the most dangerous fly tipping in the world.. fly tipping that sanctions
“radioactive releases to groundwaters” in Cumbria. He has written to DECC
and DEFRA asking for the “exempt” law allowing High Volume Very Low Level
Wastes to be tipped into landfill to be annulled.

For ‘Decommissioning’ read Dispersal! This is being exposed as an abuse
of human rights to a safe and clean environment.

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: RE: Lillyhall – Radioactive Yellow Fish Seen in the Lakes
From: “Tim Farron MP”
Date: Mon, September 23, 2013 11:32 am
To: “‘marianne Birkby'”

Ms. Marianne Birkby

Our Ref: Birk004/35/ag

23 September 2013

Dear Marianne

Thank you very much for having taken the time to join me at the Castle
Street Centre in Kendal on Saturday morning in order to discuss the
extremely worrying information that you had researched about the mis-use of
the Lillyhall site for nuclear waste decommissioning.

I welcome all the work that you have put into this campaign and I am pleased
to confirm that I have written to the Secretaries of State at DECC and DEFRA
to present the powerful evidence for the law of Exemption to be annulled and
the site to be used only for non-nuclear waste. I will write again, when I
have received his response.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

Tim Farron MP

Sent: 22 September 2013 19:56

To: tim@timfarron.co.uk

Subject: Lillyhall – Radioactive Yellow Fish Seen in the Lakes

Dear Tim,

Thank you for seeing us on Saturday and for your commitment to finding out
more about the radioactive waste in landfill. To stop this abuse of our
environment the deregulatory “exempt” law could be put back to pre 2007 when
putting high volume nuclear wastes into conventional landfill was quite
rightly banned. Plutonium wastes interact with woody cellulose making the
plutonium wastes much more dangerous (briefing note to CCC from

2010 attached)

to recap what was said:

The UK government has signed up to the Euratom Directive 35 which describes
in detail a plan to turn Lillyhall landfill site into a Radioactive Waste
Repository with a “controlled release of radioactivity to groundwaters.” A
change to UK law has smoothed the way so that High volumes of “low level”

radioactive wastes can be relabelled “exempt”

allowing them to be dumped in landfill.

The Environment Agency has issued a permit despite the opposition of
prominent pronuclear politicians in Cumbria such as Councillor Tim Knowles
and MP Jamie Reed who has opposed another proposed radioactive landfill at
Keekle Head. County and Borough councils are also opposed to nuclear waste
going into landfill. No area is safe from becoming a nuclear waste dump
under this deregulation. In 2011 following lobbying from Radiation Free
Lakeland, Cumbria County Council and Allerdale Council considered making a
legal challenge against the Environment Agency for issuing a permit to the
operators of Lillyhall landfill which allows low levels of radioactive waste
to be buried. Tim Knowles said: “the waste should be dealt with and disposed
of as close as possible to the site where it has arisen.” Since then
Sellafield has been caught dumping higher level activity bags of waste,
including intermediate waste, at Lillyhall. Marianne Birkby from Radiation
Free Lakeland said “New pathways for dumping radioactive waste into the
environment should not be opened up, we put our trust in the regulators to
protect us but our trust is clearly misplaced as the regulators are bending
over backwards to accommodate the nuclear industrys desire to
“decommission.” It is becoming clear that “decommissioning” is a reassuring
name for “dumping.” We agree with councillor Tim Knowles and MP Jamie Reed
that radioactive waste should be kept at the site at which it has been

To highlight the hypocrisy of the Environment Agency issuing a permit to
“release radioactivity to groundwaters” and to remind the Lib Dems of their
electoral pledges to safeguard against nuclear developments, Radiation Free
Lakeland have taken part in the EA’s ‘Yellow Fish’ campaign and there is now
a yellow fish complete with radiation symbol outside Lib Dem offices in

You pledged to look into how this situation of radioactive waste dumping in
landfill has been allowed to happen and campaigners hope that you will also
urge government to revoke the 2007 “exempt” law. While this law remains it
means that LLW and VLLW could be trucked and dumped unmarked into
conventional landfill sites releasing radioactivity to groundwaters.

Many Thanks


Radiation Free Lakeland –


European Commission Technical Report :Lillyhall Very Low Level Radioactive
Waste Repository



From Scotland to Cumbria – Radioactive Landfill



Meet the Fockers – private companies taking government contracts to dump
nuclear waste

Environment Agency Yellow Fish Campaign



Councils Agains N-Waste at Lillyhall

14th April 2011 The Whitehaven News



Jamie Reed MP expresses opposition to nuclear waste in landfill at Keekle
Head Mr Reed said: “I understand the need for additional disposal facilities
but I don’t believe these should be undertaken away from the existing areas

– it makes no sense to do so.



Full Letter signed by upwards of 189+ people



Petition to government here: https://mariannewildart.wordpress.com/petition-no-nukiller-dump/

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