Coal and Nuclear Interests Linked

Letter Published in the Westmorland Gazette 3rd March 2022

Dear Editor,

Recent correspondents are absolutely right that the coal mine is primarily a political issue.  Costings for Near Surface Disposal of Intermediate Level Nuclear Wastes and Geological Disposal of High Level Nuclear Wastes are being prepared right now.   The person trusted by government to provide these costings is none other than Mark Kirkbride the CEO of West Cumbria Mining and key advisor to government on the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM).   Mark Kirkbride was appointed to CoRWM in November 2019 just days after the coal mine was approved by Cumbria County Council.  Of course no  one in their right mind would think that nuclear waste should be dumped into a coal mine.  But the means to facilitate nuclear dumping relies on the “expertise” and start up of new deep mining in the UK.  

We have recently produced a 30 page report “Nuclear Waste’s Shifting Sands On the Lakeland Fringe”  outlining the newly formed Nuclear Waste Services “vision” to emplace Intermediate Level nuclear wastes 10s of metres below ground.  The “vision” would see Intermediate Level Nuclear waste buried in silos in “Near Surface Disposal.”  This plan would run in tandem with the GDF plan but would be delivered within 10 rather than in 100 years. “Co-locating” the Near Surface and Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) and sharing above surface facilities, security, access routes etc would cut costs.  The “Community Partnership” events being held around West Cumbria looking into the GDF plan make no mention of the Near Surface Disposal plans.   No mention is made of the 16 exploratory boreholes  already drilled near Drigg’s Low Level Waste Repository on supposedly protected land on which a long lease has been acquired by the nuclear industry from Muncaster Castle.   Costings for Near Surface Disposal and Geological Disposal are being prepared by coal mine boss Mark Kirkbride.  Government tell us there is no conflict of interest in their forthcoming decision on Mark Kirkbride’s business interests and their “key advisor” on the plans for multiple nuclear dumps – we disagree.

yours sincerely

Marianne Birkby

Lakes Against Nuclear Dump a Radiation Free Lakeland

We have asked for our leaflets to be displayed at the “Community Partnership Drop Ins

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