Surround Springfields – Link up With Indigenous Folk – A Must Watch!


This is all thanks to Nikki from Stop New Nuclear.  I knew some of what was revealed but to hear such powerfully moving, first hand accounts of the terrible and ongoing impacts of uranium mining alongside the cynical industry spin and deception,  is shocking – how can nuclear be allowed to continue?

The Surround Springfields ended with a webinar with indigenous people from around the world, who are affected by Uranium mining and nuclear waste dumping. Candyce Paul – (English River First Nations – Canada) Leona Morgan ( Dineh from New Mexico in the U.S.) and Ashish Birulee (Adavasi from Jarkhand in India).

We had a great session of nuclear conciousness-raising and we listened to the stories of their ancestors, and their own stories of living with contamination, active mines, abandoned mines and nuclear waste dumps..

We had a Q&A at the end that was really helpful too. They had a request to make of us too.. Why not watch for yourself and find out what it is…

One thought on “Surround Springfields – Link up With Indigenous Folk – A Must Watch!

  1. Alan Hardman

    Interesting to hear Indian referring to (excess) downs syndrome in the mines areas. Excess Downs syndrome was detected from records held (covering 34 years?) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital that they reckoned was a result of the Winscasle fire (1957?). Was reported in the Manchester Evening News. At the time (before 1988) Encyclopaedia Britannica quoted an incidence rate of 1 in 800 but a later edition reported an incidence rate of 1 in 540 – looks like overall rated had been going up. From Alan Hardman.
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