“Worst Criminality against Humankind” Report from Fukushima by Kazuhiko Kobayashi


Members of Radiation Free Lakeland met up with Kazuhiko last autumn to show him the Sellafield area and he told us that there is money for climate research but not so much for research into the impacts of radiation on our food and health.   He is a kind gentle man and he was visibly shocked to see the scale of Sellafield.  Kazuhiko broke down in tears within the shadow of Sellafield, at the impacts the nuclear industry is having on our children’s health.  His passionate opposition to nuclear power and weapons, his work for change and to help those impacted, is an inspiration.

Kazuhiko organises respite for children and families who have been impacted by the ongoing Fukushima disaster.

Fukushima Talk in Keswick.jpgKazuhiko.png

Kazuhiko on the banks of the River Ehen near Sellafield (the Ehen is just one of Sellafield’s freshwater sources) 

Kazuhiko’s lecture in Keswick was organised by Allerdale and Copeland Green Party and Friends of the Earth and was  very well attended with a rapt audience.


“Lecture Autumn 2018

  1. Nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants are the worst  criminality against humankind:

Whether use of nuclear weapons or accidents of nuclear power plants by natural
catastrohe or human errors or terror attacks, the danger that the whole earth could be
destroyed, contaminated and rendered uninhabitable forever, is drawing ever closer.

Nuclear disaster, which can be not excluded 100percent, could pollute the earth and
not only human bodies but all kinds of lives with its radioactivity over hundreds years
and longer. But nobody can take responsibility.

2. e.g. Nuclear fuel reprocessing plant at La Haque in France

La Hague.png

According to his official statement of the famous Japanese scientific journalist,
Takashi Hirose, a disaster by a heavy accident of this plant could make the whole
Europe or the most part of the northern hemisphere with its radioactive pollution
3. Report on the current situation in the eighth year after the
Fukushima Nuke Disaster:
* The government has been using all kinds of tricks to bring the refugee
families including children back to Fukushima, with the propaganda,
  “Fukushima is safe for everyone to live”

Return of refugees to Fukushima is being promoted at high pressure.
The need for the cure of the children in Fukushima is ignored or not recognized
by the government. Even the parents who want to go to the cure outside of Fukushima
with their children are scolded by the fellow citizens often as cowards or traitors.
(= in the background the conscious steering of the regional government of Fukushima prefecture in cooperation with the state government)

Everywhere the citizens are purposefully brainwashed by the pro-nuclear alliance
of the government, the ministries and Tepco: namely, before the Fukushima disaster
they always propagated again and again that the Japanese nuclear power plants were
100 percent accident-proof, although the technology can never be accident-proof, and
after the disaster they say that there is no risk of radioactive diseases in Fukushima.

Is it really true?

Thyroid cancer of the children in Fukushima is rising, but
the governmental physicians committee continues to deny
connection with the nuke disaster of Fukushima.
Children till the age of 18 years:

Relation to
thyroid cancer     300,000 children
Date children in Fukushima
2008 0
31.12. 2013 74 per 4054
31.03. 2014 3month later 89 (+15) per 3370
30.06. 2014 3month later 103 (+14) per 2912
31.10. 2014 4month later 112 (+ 9) per 2678
31.12. 2014 2month later 117 (+ 5) per 2564
31.03. 2015 3month later 126 (+14) per 2380
30.06. 2015 3month later 137 (+11) per 2189
31.03. 2016 9month later 172 (+35) per 1744
30.06. 2016 3month later 174 (+ 2) per 1724
30.09. 2016 3month later 183 (+ 9) per 1639
30.11. 2016 2month later 184 (+ 1) per 1630
28. 02.2017 3month later 190 (+ 6) per 1578

31.03.2018 13month later 199 (+9) per 1507
07.09.2018 6month later 209 (*) (+10) per 1435
*209 incl. 11 not registered children since 2011.


In comparison to the above numbers:
Children of thyroid cancer (till the age of 18 years)in 2006
(= that means before the nuclear disaster 2011)

46 children of the total numbers of children in the hole Japan about 24 millions
(till the age of 18 years). That means the relation: about 2 children to 1 million

According to scientific research, today it is a clear fact that the disease
“thyroid cancer” in children is in the normal case very rare, in the ratio
of 1 to 1 million.

That means even the above Ratio 2 children to 1 million in 2006 throughout
Japan is more than normal. One of the reasons for this may well be
the radioactive effect caused by 54 reactors in Japan.

From the above facts, the relationship between the drastically increased
number of thyroid cancer children in Fukushima and the nuke disaster is

Nevertheless, the Japanese government and medic representaives on behalf of it
do not recognize the above relation, arguing that there is no clear connection
to prove.
Even since 2016, we hear ever louder that the government side with
its physicians working for it jointly considers to discontinue regular thyroid
examinations on children in the future, with the one-sided argument,
“connection of the thyroid cancer diseases of the children in Fukushima
with nuke disaster is not detectable and will not be detectable in the future. ”

They seem to unilaterally consider this important matter to be “settled.”
and want to escape their responsibilities in time.

* No governmental publications of all diseases with regard to
possible connection with the disaster in Fukushima

The control of radioactively poisoned food from the prefecture Fukushima and
its surroundings has been being systematically neglected with time.
Food from Fukushima is offered meanwhile in all supermarkets in Japan without
control, as if in Fukushima radioactive danger had disappeared long ago.
But it is a clear fact that the radioactive contamination is going on in earth,
in air and in water every day.
Therefore, it is also to be assumed that not only thyroid cancer, but numerous
other serious illnesses has been going on since the radioactive disaster in Fukushima.
Nevertheless, there are no public studies of diseases of children in Fukushima e.g.
of leukemia, acute myocardial infarction, lung cancer etc. in connection with the
radioactive disaster in Fukushima.
We only get some news to know that the diseases of the children in Fukushima and the
neighboring prefectures e.g. heart attack, leukemia etc. increase since 2011 significantly.
Donations for the children in Fukushima and summer camp for their cure


15th June 2018 Donation for the summer cure camp of Fukushima-Children

Cure House in Izu Peninsula (large cure house in japanese old-traditonal style)


The children in Fukushima are still defenselessly exposed terrifying radiation and live
in high risk of serious diseases. But also most of those children who fled Fukushima
are suffering with their parents or – in most cases – only with their mothers from their
grave financial and psychological distress. Very often husbands do not want to lose
their job and therefore prefer remaining in Fukushima alone und send money to his wife
and children at their place of refuge. However such separated life doesn’t keep the
marriage over years and around 50% of the refugee mothers with their children are
divorced from their husbands within a few years.

Asking for donations for the children in and from Fukushima



My dear friends, I ask you from bottom of my heart:
Help the children with your donations!

 Account for donations for children in / from Fukushima
IBAN: DE43 2008 0000 0966 0021 01

Commerzbank AG, branch Jungfernstieg / Hamburg
Jungfernstieg 22, 20354 Hamburg

Account owner: Kazuhiko Kobayashi

* How do the citizens live in / from Fukushima and
what are their problems?

Population in Fukushima Pref. : 2,028,752 in 2010,
                 1,928,086 at time of 1.May 2015
                 1,881,382 at the time of 1.Oct.2017
                 1,863,805 at time 1.Sept.2018
Decline in population: 164,947

Most citizens in Fukushima suppress their anxiety and frustration and want
to comfort themselves with the illusion that state and the Fukushima pref.
government would not let them down, so it would be quite reliable that
the government says: “Everything is fine and no damage to health.”
This is because of the fact that most citizens do not see any way e.g.
to start their new life outside of Fukushima prefecture. Above all, they
lack the financial means and the professional perspective.

Therefore, they are also jealous of those citizens who fled outside of Fukushima
despite the financial difficulties. Usually they distance themselves from such refugees
and secretly call them a coward or even a traitor.

Besides, there are also fellow citizens who stay in Fukushima for financial reasons but publicly protest against the government and claim financial compensation as a right. However, most citizens in Fukushima let intimidate themselves by the government
and isolate such citizens from their circles.

*The life of the fugitives and their problems

Most refugees from Fukushima Prefecture share the fact that they are coming from
well educated social class and intelligent enough to think independently and critically.
Furthermore, it must be mentioned that only small part of the refugees from Fukushima belongs to the wealthy social class and less financial problems also after their fleeing
but most other refugees are coming from the middle social class and they are often still young or relatively young couples with small children, who are often confronted with the big financial problems in the place of refuge. For these reasons, husbands often feel to be forced to stay alone in Fukushima and to keep the job there and to send money to their refugee wives and children. However about half of those married couples are going
divorced within a few years. Consequently, the divorced women get additionally
extreme financial difficulties alone with her children.

The exact number of such refugee families is very difficult to know because many of
them do not want to be officially registered in the district authorities of refuge place for the fear to be stamped as refugees from Fukushima.

* What are the Government of Japan and TEPCO doing?

 e.g. Radioactive waste bags, where to go?

rad waste.png


huge tanks.png

Temporary public lodging within so-called safe areas in Fukushima for the refugee people having been evacuated by the local government from the Within-20KM-Zone.

They are still largely forced – without their own fault – to live in such primitive huts after 4 years (at the time of this interview), they do not even have individual bathing
or shower facilities. Among them are people who commit suicide out of desperation.

Three older women, who until 4 years ago(at the time of this interview) had their
own traditional farmhouses and rice fields, are living now in the Huts. Their family
members who lived with them are now widely scattered in different places. They
have lost almost everything, that had given them the meaning of life.

Nevertheless, they said, “the people, (= who are responsible for the disaster) are not guilty, only earthquake and tsunami are guilty.”

They didn’t make the question: “why they built so many nuclear power plants
and have been operating them in Japan, even though they must know by themselves that in an extremely earthquake-rich country like Japan, a big earthquake and tsunami can come at anytime” – Too naive, unwary nature without any critical eyes.
Where does this behavior come from? It comes from the traditional Japanese mentality,
namely obedience and self-sacrifice of the lower, weaker, younger people in favor of
the higher, more powerful or older people in the social hierarchy as well as permanent
readyness of self-sacrifice for the interest of the communities. Again and again, this mentality of many unsuspecting Japanese citizens, such as these women, has always been exploited und abused by the rulers in Japan preferably.
But it is very important to know, that this Japanese people’s mentality has been created by the first Shogun Tokugawa-Ieyasu with his brain-washing of them to establish his powerful position over the hole Japanese territory as a monarch forever. He thought:
the best way of establishing his power as monarch to keep the people under control is not by using the weapons but by using the mental instrument of brain-washing.
He built up a ruling network over the whole Japan during 17th century und sent his most loyal vassals as local district lord to every aeria of Japan and let them brainwash people into the absolute loyalty to the ruling system of Tokugawa-Monarch as the best
and only virtue. He made a big success with this method and his Tokugawa-Dynasty kept its absolute control over Japan until 1867 for more than 260 years. Ofcourse
young Japanese people today are quite differing on some behaviors like a manner to older people or to their parents etc. However, most of Japanese people have still the main character of the typical Japanese mentality, namely to follow the people with
more power, in higher social or job-related positions without any criticism or
resistance, without thinking by themselves.

e.g. Radioactive contamination continues but…..

The japanese government is now planning to remove the monitoring posts from pref. Fukushima and to stop publishing radioactive measuring data.

e.g. Olympiad 2020 as a distraction instrument!
e.g. Trivialization, cover-up, concealment of the Japanese
      Nuclear Problems after the Fukushima-Disaster.
* More and more nuclear power plants are being put back into operation.

Already 8 nuclear reactors have been put again in operation until 28th Oct. 2018.
(reactor no. 3 and 4 in Genkai/Kyushu, reactor no.1 and 2 in Sendai/Kyushu,
reactor no.3 in Ikata/Shikoku, reactor no.3 and 4 in Oi/Kansai and reactor no.4 in

3. Global nuclear problem and the biggest crime of politics
and economics:

 * History of atomic bombs

By all means, since development of the first atomic bombs we began to live into the most dangerous, most disastrous age.

In 1942, the United States launched the development of the nuclear bombs under the name “Manhattan Project”.

The development history of the atom bombs is nothing else than the largest crime of
the humanity having ever been committed in full consciousness of its most inhuman destructive consequences. It is a bundle of exterminations of countless people and irreplaceable environmental destruction. However its dark side has always been concealed or played down by all states owning atomic weapons.

* Human trials in the US with radionuclide injections as “top secret”
in order of the States.

The inhuman atrocities began during the first development phase of the atomic bombs
in the US before the release of the 2 nuclear bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Namely for the “Manhattan Project”, not only the atomic physicists were involved
with developing the atomic bombs, but also many medical doctors worked on
researching the effects of radioactive nuclides on the human body, especially for military purpose.

After all, it has been discovered that leading medical doctors of the “Manhattan
Project” made human experiments with injecting highly toxic radioactive plutonium into the body of 18 US citizens in top secret without informing them of it from 1945 until the end of this project. Moreover it came into sight that in the period between
1945 and 1989, 1,200 Americans were subjects of such experiments and became
victims with radionuclides.
Stafford Leak Warren, medic and the chief of the medical department of
the Manhattan Project. He instructed on the human experiments with the
    Plutonium injection at the 18 us citizens. He has also visited the city of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki after bombing to investigate the countless civilian

The other medics, who performed plutonium injections on US citizens in secret.
Left: Dr. Josepf Hamilton, middle: Dr. med. Samuel Bassett, Right: Dr. Bertram

*Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Conscious mass killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians with the new nuclear bombs in order to
demonstrate the military power with the new developed atomic
bombs and to make experiments on the human bodies (victims)
which was a clear violation of “Geneva Convention”.

In September 1945, shortly after the unconditional surrender of Japan,
General Douglas MacArthur issued an order which had its official validity
until 1952 in Japan and it reads as follows:

   1. All the Japanese irradiated victims are the top secret object of the
     US military.

     = This means: all the Japanese nuclear bomb victims, whether dead or
even on life, are solely under the control of the us military power and
subject of their top secret radioactive human experiments.
   2. All the Japanese irradiated victims as well as the Japanese doctors who treated
them shall not record and document their symptomes and consequences on their
irradiated bodies in no way and make not even notice about it.

   3. The irradiated may not tell third person even their family members as well as
relatives of their physical states.

   4. The Japanese doctors are not allowed to talk with each other about the therapeutic
     Treatments of the irradiated persons.

   5. The Japanese are not allowed to research radioactive contamination.

   6. The Japanese are not allowed to do any written work on radioactive contamination. 

   In the o.a. order, the Japanese government did not have any say, they should
only ensure their strict compliance.

   That is the reason why hardly any Japanese doctors after the second
   World War made radioactive radiation their research topic
   and therefore very few Japanese experts can be found in this area.

*Atomic bomb tests

During the period 1946-1958 USA carried out in Pacific 67 atomic bomb tests.
Among them was also the hydrogen bomb test of 1.3.1954 on the Bikini Atoll Islands
in Pacific and its , explosive power was 1000 times larger as a Hiroshima bomb and many islands in the Pacific were in large dimensions radioactively contaminated.
The many islanders were irradiated but left by the USA for a long time without information and without compensation simply in a lurch.
Also Japanese fishermen became victims. At the moment of the explosion,
as far as it was officially known, at least 992 fishing boats were in the near area
– but in reality many more suspected.

After the extent of the radioactive damages had become ever greater and clearer,
e.g. uncountable quantities of fish in the Pacific became radioactively contaminated
and inedible, or many fishermen were heavily irradiated, among them, the well
known sick and deceased fishermen aboard the fishing boat “Daigo Fukuryuu Maru” – the US finally paid the Japanese government 2 million dollars for the agreement
that Japan shall no longer make radioactive measurements in the Pacific and shall
also not investigate radioactive contamination of the fishes. This agreement was
made 7 months later after the bomb test.
Also e.g. during a three-week-attack in the Iraq war 2003 the US and its Allied
countries used uranium ammunitions between 1000 and 2000 tons, which are both chemically highly toxic and radioactive. Although the enormously large extent of the victims due to radioactive radiation and chemical poisoning has become increasingly clear and although worldwide voluntary civilian organizations offered to help in
giving treatments to tens of thousands of children as well as disabled born babies,
the official investigation of human victims and their publication have never been
done by the USA and its allies for their political interest.

And not just the US, but also all the other nuclear powers, like Russia, England,
France, China, etc. did nothing but conceal the contaminations as well as human sacrifice caused by their numerous atomic bomb tests.
*Atomic bombs and nuclear power stations

The United States made great efforts in the 1940s and developed the atomic bombs
and thus not only demonstrated their military power in the world, but also the US-American industrial groups had their new huge monopolies on business opportunities with all kinds of nuclear weapons production and their further developments with state money having been offered. That meant fantastic
business to them, because it was financed with the state money, the client
was always the fatherland, thus absolutely safe and profitable business.
In addition – and that was even the most important – the expected sales were
gigantic. Thus, the new nuclear weapon alliance began between the politics
and business/industry branches in the US.

Only the US had in the later 40s of the last century 2 problems: one was the
growing hostility of many Japanese citizens to the US for its mass extermination
of innocent civilians by the atomic bombs and because of the incessant continuation
of the radioactive consequential damage to the living citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Their Hostility could infect the other countries in Asia and disrupt the US military presence in Asia. Therefore, the generation of electricity by nuclear power is an
ideal political means to propagate the great peaceful usability of atomic energy throughout the world and thus to improve the US image to the outside world.
In reality, American scientists and engineers knew that nobody can take
responsibility for huge disaster by radioactive contamination going over
generations in case of big accident. But finally the new nuclear power plants
were on the one hand the most unique trump card to the US politicians and
on the other hand a huge-sized additional business to the US nuclear industries.
They were able to use their know-how, which they already have for production
of nuclear weapons, also for the production of nuclear power plants. In addition,
plutonium, which is needed for atomic bomb production, will be won by nuclear
power plants. Actually, They are two sides of the same coin. Because of these
double wins, the politics and industries always want to hush up or downplay the enormous danger of them.

The other problem that the US had was the activity of the World Health
Organization, WHO (= World Health Organization of UN).

Because WHO was able to raise the world public’s attention to the enormous
health risk for humanity in case of an accident of nuclear power plants, WHO
was in the way of the American nuclear policy.

Therefore, the US disempowered the WHO in the matter of nuclear energy
and empowered a new organization called the IAEA in it which shall demonstrate
the merit and safety of nuclear energy for the interest of the US nuke policy.
The year 1959 was a day of defeat for the WHO on which they gave up their
most important task, as being independent of any political power, influential
monitoring organization to protect the health of all citizens in the world.
Since that, IAEA became a lobbyist of nuclear powers and the nuclear industries.

Therefore, the IAEA can never be neutral and can never work for the protection
of health of all world citizens. Because she is nothing else than one extended
arm of the nuclear powers and nuclear industries and their task consists only
to promote nuclear technology and thus to build nuclear power plants as many
as possible in the world.

* The risk of nuclear catastrophe is increasing world-wide.

The danger of worldwide radioactive contamination and mass diseases as well as genetic disorders will continuously increasing worldwide over many generations.
The nuclear power plants are being built on and on, spreading despite Chernobyl
and Fukushima. And the nuclear industries will never renounce your profitable
nuclear power business. Nuclear disaster is not a big obstacle for them, because
they know exactly: in such a case always the fatherland comes as a savior, pays
all damages from the tax money. They know that the state needs them. They
have money and power. They are often actually stronger than the state.

Today we are facing the growing threat of nuclear disaster which can be caused
not only by technical errors or human error, but also by terrorist attacks being
carefully planned with intrigue.

Our task to protect our innocent children and future generations from nuclear
weapons and nuclear power plants is so important as never before.

Thank you so much for listening.

November 2018

Kazuhiko Kobayashi”

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