Fukushima and the Ratcheting Up of Propaganda


Demonstration at Whitehaven, Cumbria UK 11h March 2016
People Against Wylfa B on the Menai Bridge in Wales
Stop Hinkley
Remember Fukushima Rally – London 12th March 2016
Rally in Tokyo, Japan – Remember Fukushima – March 2016


This week while ordinary people around the world are holding demonstrations to mark the fifth year of the ongoing Fukushima disaster, the pro nuke propaganda is being ratcheted up.  From nuclear cheerleader Dame Sue Ions on the popular radio 4 show, Desert Island discs expounding the ‘virtues’ of nuclear to  to the BBC calling calling in pseudo experts to say the radiation at Fukushima is all but harmless.

This mirrors the immediate aftermath of the disaster five years ago when George Monbiot came out with his shameful article in the Guardian: “Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power”

The Ecologist exposes the  cheerleaders who are out in force.

“I am so ashamed of the BBC. It seems, as an institution, to be supporting and promulgating an enormous lie about the health effects of radioactive pollution. And not providing any balanced scientific picture.

On the 5th Anniversary of the catastrophe we saw Prof Geraldine Thomas, the nuclear industry’s new public relations star, walk through the abandoned town of Ohkuma inside the Fukushima exclusion zone with BBC reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes.

She was described as “One of Britain’s leading experts on the health effects of radiation”. Thomas is of the opinion that there is no danger and the Japanese refugees can come back and live there in the ‘zone’. Her main concern was how untidy it all was: “left to rack and ruin”, she complained, sadly.”


“Any real expert would not have made such a stupid mistake. But this woman is not a real expert, her CV shows she has published almost nothing in the way of original research, so we must ask how it is the BBC come to take her seriously.

Those who hate nothing so much as the truth

This recalled the day the first reactor exploded in 2011. I was in London, and the BBC asked me to come into the studio and comment. Also there was a nuclear industry apologist, Dr Ian Fells. Like Gerry Thomas he was unconcerned about the radiation: the main problem for him was that the lifts would not work. People would have to climb stairs, he complained.

I said then on that first day that this was a serious accident like Chernobyl but he and all the stooges that followed him told the viewers that it was no problem, not like Chernobyl, hydrogen explosion, no breach of containment pressure vessels etc. Some months later, looking back, it is clear I was correct on every point, but I never was invited back to the BBC.

I visited Japan, took sophisticated measuring equipment, obtained vehicle air filters, spoke to the Japanese people and advised them to take Calcium tablets to block the Strontium-90. My vehicle air filter measurements showed clearly that large areas of north east Japan were seriously contaminated including Tokyo.

This was too much for the nuclear industry: I was attacked in the Guardian newspaper by pro-nuclear Pauline-converted George Monbiot in an attempt to destroy my credibility. One other attacker was Geraldine Thomas. What she said then was as madly incorrect then as what she is saying now. But the Guardian would not let me respond.

The important evidence for me in the recent BBC clip is the measurement of dose given by Rupert’s Geiger counter, 3microSieverts per hour (3μSv/h). Normal background in Japan (I know, I measured it there) is about 0.1μSv/h. So in terms of external radiation, Ruperts’s measurement gave 30 times normal background.”

Full Article :  Chris Busby writing in The Ecologist








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