Major Leak in India Nuclear Power Station; On-Site Emergency Declared; Swiss-German-French Role in Explosive India Nuclear Tech

News from India…. Time to Shut Down Nuclear Everywhere!

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Kakrapar Atomic Power Station India
Kakrapur nuclear power station zoom in
[Read about French-Swiss and German built heavy water facilities blowing up and catching fire in India, below this article, as well as the problem of plutonium production for this reactor type. And, yet, Americans are supposed to believe the Obama Administration lie that taking SWISS MADE plutonium from Switzerland, and 99.5%-100% German Made nuclear waste from Germany, is supposed to help with non-proliferation? India’s first heavy water production plant was provided by Germany in 1962, 12 years before India’s first successful nuclear bomb test.]

A Major Leak in India’s Nuclear Plant On Fukushima’s 5th Anniv. On-Site Emergency Declared, March 11, 2016, by Kumar Sundaram

The Unit-1 of the the Kakrapar nuclear power plant in India’s Gujarat state underwent an accident today morning at 9.00 am.

The operator of the nuclear plant, the govt-owned Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited(NPCIL), has declared an on-site emergency…

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