Sellafield Workers Campaign for a Future – What Future is that then?

The Sellafield Workers Campaign and Unite are not representing the health and wellbeing of workers, Cumbria or the wider international community in agitating for new build and continued reprocessing. In contrast the Australian equivalent of Unite, the Electrical Trades Union, has banned its members from working in uranium mines, nuclear power plants or any part of the nuclear fuel cycle. The ban reflects both the ETU’s concern regarding the threat to the health and safety to workers engaged in the industry and its view that nuclear power should not be a source of power generation. In a statement, Peter Simpson, ETU state secretary, said “we are sending a clear message to the industry and the wider community that vested interests in the uranium and nuclear industries are trying to hoodwink us about this dangerous product and industry. Corporate interests, and their political supporters in the Labor and Coalition parties, are also trying to buy working families off with high wages, while denying the true short-term and long-term health risks of such jobs”.

In contrast to more enlightened colleagues in Australia the clear message from the Sellafield Workers Campaign and Unite is that they are blind to the health of their workers, who unlike the wider population at least ‘enjoy’ the benefit of the industry’s ‘Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases.’ Wastes continue to arrive at Sellafield to be reprocessed, adding to the volume of already unmanageable high level liquid wastes, wastes are dispersed to air, sea and groundwater. The Sellafield Workers Campaign should do its job and be agitating for government to provide a bond to last through the rise and fall of politicians and party’s, a bond that would ensure there are jobs on the Sellafield site into eternity to as safely as humanly possible CONTAIN the waste. Instead the SWC are agitating to MAKE MORE even more dangerous wastes to DISPERSE to the environment until as Kate Bush memorably said “chips of plutonium are twinkling in every lung.”–campaign-for-a-future/

2 thoughts on “Sellafield Workers Campaign for a Future – What Future is that then?

  1. The reason these unions are so keen on radioactive employment is that there ain’t much other kind of work here. Why is this? Because companies don’t want to relocate or start up in this tainted region. So we go round and round into an ever steepening spiral of radiation-generating employment

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