Letter Sent to UNITE the Union – from Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole


We are a volunteer nuclear safety group in Cumbria. We have been opposing the proposed coal mine under the Irish Sea since 2017 on both climate and nuclear impacts. We are very concerned that Unite is supporting this plan.

The mine would be directly beneath the decades worth of reprocessing radioactive wastes on the Irish Sea bed, discharged from Sellafield.

The County Council in approving the mine said that subsidence of the sea bed would be “unavoidable” but that they thought it could be suitably mitigated for. We agree that subsidence of the Irish Sea bed would be “unavoidable” however we do not agree that it would be possible to mitigate against the resuspension of plutonium and other radioactive wastes from the Irish sea bed into the water column and back to the beaches.

Research has shown that dried resuspended radioactive particles can travel at least 10 miles…

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