The Guardian Fails to Highlight the Continued Construction of Nuclear Submarines in Barrow throughout the ‘lockdown’

Reblogging this ..following our questions The Guardian belatedly reports on the fact that the nuclear submarine shipyard has remained open throughout ‘lockdown’


Followers of Radiation Free Lakeland will know that we have been trying to stop the continued operations of so called “essential” nuclear construction – including the ongoing build of nuclear submarines at Barrow. Of course we would do this notwithstanding COVID19. But we naively assumed that during the ‘Lockdown’ for the rest of the country that the government would make some sacrifice regarding its nuclear hubris and call at least a temporary halt to the construction of the next generation of nuclear submarines at Barrow at the massive BAE shipbuilding complex. Small businesses everywhere are going to the wall but the Government continues with its nuclear civil/military industrial complex of business as usual.

The Guardian has written a ‘hard hitting’ article about the fact that Barrow has the highest COVID19 deaths outside of London. There are no doubt many factors at play including poverty in the town despite the obscene…

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