Ditch the Dump Demo in Bowness

Five Years Ago! This time around the Government have taken away Cumbria County Council’s right of veto and also made Geological Nuclear Dumping a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. There is no “Disposal”. A Geological Nuclear Dump of heat generating wastes is not safe under the National Park or under the Irish Sea (which may actually be the plan ). The National Park being flagged up may be to get folk outraged and narrow mindedly campaigning just to keep it out of the National Park. So then when Govnt say ‘actually beneath the Irish Sea is a better location’ then human nature is to say “well phew! that ain’t as bad!” No there should be No Geological Nuclear Dump anywhere, the technology does not exist. Government should just admit that and concentrate all effort on containment, monitoring and repackaging.

Ditch the Dump Demo 19th Jan..

Ditch the Dump Demo 19th Jan

Ditch the Dump Demo...

Ditch the Dump Demo- Bowness 19th Jan

Ditch the Nuke Dump! Demo -19th Jan at Bowness Bay

Today despite the freezing cold conditions campaigners from Bowness, Keswick and Silloth in
Cumbria to Bridgwater in Somerset will ramp up opposition to the
government plan for a nuke dump under Cumbria.

In Bowness this morning over 100 people turned up to show their support for Cumbria County Council voting NO on the 30th January. Over 100 letters were signed to put on a giant postcard to the Leader of Cumbria County Council. There was life affirming music provided by Handbrake Shirley and a great atmosphere of camaraderie in our determination to stop the government’s insane plan to turn Cumbria into a nuclear sacrifice zone.

Dear Eddie Martin,
Geological Dumping of Nuclear Waste
On 30th January you are going to take the most important decision of any
Cumbria County Council Leader before you. Your decision will speak for the

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