Westinghouse in the US – this is the same company runs Springfields slap bang in the middle of Cuadrilla’s fracking operations.

There has been a virtual media black out on this in the US.  Similarly here in the UK Westinghouse enjoys a cloak of secrecy over its operations so much so that many of those opposing fracking on the Fylde are unaware that the UKS nuclear fuel manufacturing plant (the first in the world) is slap bang in the middle of Cuadrilla’s fracking operations. Despite this the UKs nuclear fuel plant has enjoyed almost complete anonymity during fracking protests with the exception of grass roots nuclear campaigners and brave enlightened fracking campaigners pointing out the insanity of fracking near to nuclear installations.

“The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the uranium, a toxic substance used to make nuclear fuel rods, seeped through a 3-inch hole in a concrete floor in part of the factory where an acid is used. The hole extends 6 feet into the ground, according to the NRC. The NRC learned of the leak July 12.”

The public were not told until two weeks after the incident.


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