60 years on Remembering the Windscale Fire

Monday outside the Springfields Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing plant to remember the Windscale Fire, the first major nuclear disaster in the UK. Springfields Near Preston is where the diabolic nuclear fuel was made and is still being made.
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Remember Windscale - Outside Springfields, Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Plant, Preston.jpg
We remember the voluntary bravery of the Windscale workers and the involuntary bravery of all those unacknowledged babies, children, men and women who have died, or suffered damage to health as a result of the Windscale accident 60 years ago.  Despite the large numbers of people who have died and have been affected there have been no church services of remembrance (unlike other industry’s such as coal). There are no statues or monuments to properly remember the  civilian sacrifices made for the sake of nuclear power and nuclear weapons.
Martyn Lowe of Close Capenhurst said :  ” The history of the nuclear industry has been one of major ‘accidents’ every 10-15 years.  All of these accidents have had or rather are having long term consequences.  We remember the Windscale fire because many people died as a result of what happened.”  (the numbers keep being revised upwards)
Elfed Jones who campaigns against Wylfa B and travelled from Wales had these astute observations to make: “on a Monday morning when most have to work, a group of us met at the Maple farm Fracking site camp. Facebook friends who have never met but oppose nuclear don’t take long to get stuck in to make some banners.
A short visit up to the site gate for a chat with the Fracking protestors who are now concerned that the Well might be used for burying Nuclear Waste once the Fracking is finished.
Westinghouse’s plant is only five miles up the road and so any earthquakes ( which happen ) that might occur would be catastrophic too.!
A short journey sees us parked at the rear side of the plant for a few photos of where the “dirty deeds” are done and then to the Main gate and security lodge.
A short explanation of what we are about to security sees us allowed to place flowers and candles along with a few quiet moments to reflect on the victims of the fire.
A very serious request to the staff,to make sure they keep the gates locked and not allow any of the most deadly commodity ever made come to Wales is met with a laugh !!!”
Today in the shadow of the Windscale chimney….

Remember Windscale 60 years 2017.jpg

Windscale chimney and plaque.jpg
Flowers left by CORE, Radiation Free Lakeland, Close Capenhurst, Japanese Against Nuclear and others united in remembrance of the Windscale Fire

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