Top Lawyers join Battle to Stop Coal Mine Near Sellafield – You Can Help Too!

Coal Chokes, Nukes annhilate, Stop the mine

HOT OFF THE PRESS!!   MANY THANKS TO CROWDJUSTICE AND LEIGH DAY LAW FIRM …PLEASE MAKE A PLEDGE no matter how small, it all helps, at the CrowdJustice crowdfunding campaign page

This will send a strong message to Cumbria County Council that we are deadly serious about stopping this Coal Mine which is Way Too near Sellafield and would be destructive to the area (and the wider area) in so many ways.

Battle to Stop First Deep Cumbrian Coal Mine in 30 Years Launches crowdfund

 Top law firm, Leigh Day, backs campaign

 TODAY: The campaign to stop the UK’s first coal mine in 30 years launched a crowdfund after engaging one of the leading law firms in the country.

Specialist law firm, Leigh Day have lent their weight to the community led campaign battling to stop the first new coal mine in decades in the UK. The CrowdJustice crowdfunding campaign page is raising funds to cover the cost of counsel providing a written opinion on potential grounds for a Judicial Review.

Those campaigning to stop the undersea coal mine off the Heritage Coast of St Bees which would extend to within 8km of Sellafield say they are “delighted” that Leigh Day has agreed to help them if the coal mine is approved by Cumbria County Council in January 2018.

“This is to ensure that campaigners will still have a chance of stopping the coal mine plan if Cumbria County Council ignore the advice of Natural England, the National Trust, Coal Action Network, the Environment Agency, Colourful Coast Partnership, Friends of the Earth and others by rubberstamp the plan.” Said Marianne Birkby, a wildlife artist who is campaigning to stop the coal mine proposed by developers, West Cumbria Mining.

Opponents of the plan include high profile environmentalists such as Jonathon Porritt who has said in his blog “in this instance, my mind keeps turning to a potential spoof-tweet from the Donald: “I am a big fan of coal and a big fan of nuclear. Putting the two of them together sounds GREAT!”

For more details on the campaign and quotes from all the organisations that oppose the plan – RSPB, Coal Action Network, Friends of the Earth, Natural England and the National Trust – please visit the casepage at

NOTE: if the full target of £1500 is not reached monies will not be collected – IF Cumbria County Council do the Right Thing and say No to the Coal Mine and the CrowdJustice £target has been reached then the monies can be transferred to a legal case of our choosing eg Nuclear, Coal, Fracking.

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