20 Miles from Keswick as the Crow Flies: Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe

As the Crow Flies

Join Us in Keswick – on Tuesday 31st May 2-4 outside the Skiddaw Hotel

Lets Expose the Sham CONsultation

Ruskin, Beatrix Potter and Wordsworth are Lake District icons.   Not one of these icons would have separated the West Coast of Cumbria from the Lake District as we have been taught to do in the nuclear age.  Why?  The Lake District spread across the boundaries of three counties: Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire.  The Lake District National Park is an artificial construct which does itself or us no favours in its readiness to publicly disown West Cumbria rather than publicly oppose the diabolic nuclear developments in the Lake Counties.  This is what they said in 2012 about the plan for a geological dump for heat generating nuclear waste …..”It remains a concern that significant media interest highlights the potential location of the geological disposal facility in the ‘Lake District’ rather than ‘West Cumbria.”

The Lake District National Park Authority’s insistence that ‘West Cumbria’ is an entirely different geographical area to the ‘Lake District’ is an entirely artificial construct which has come about as a direct result of the ruinous nuclear industry.

When the Lake Counties included Cumberland, Westmorland and part of Lancashire there was none of today’s parochialism and narrow mindedness about what constituted the Lake District.  Today the plan for the “Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe” is promoted as if in an isolated industrial “West Cumbrian” bubble,  despite being only 20 miles from Keswick and 25 miles from Ambleside as the crow flies.

Where are the protectors of the Lake Counties?

Radiation Free Lakeland will be in Keswick on tuesday from 2 till 4 outside the Skiddaw Hotel’s Greta Suite.

We will have leaflets and information.

The ongoing sham CONsultation by companies responsible for Fukushima  Toshiba/Westinghouse and Engie is an outrage.   These companies are capitalising on the the UK government’s obsession with new nuclear.  They plan to build “Chernobyl on Steroids” on green fields near to Sellafield’s rotting tanks and dangerous stockpiles of nuclear wastes.

Do you remember when Sellafield was a Tarn?

Do you remember when Calder Hall was a Farm?

Do you remember the Lake District?

Please join us in saying an outright NO!



5 thoughts on “20 Miles from Keswick as the Crow Flies: Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe

  1. Japan doesn’t want more nuclear but is exporting it:
    “Japan to cut emphasis on nuclear in next energy plan: sources
    Posted:Thu, 26 May 2016 22:37:54 -0400
    TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan will cut reliance on nuclear power when it releases an updated energy plan as early as next year, reflecting public opposition and a recognition that current policy is unrealistic, three sources familiar with official thinking told Reuters.” http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/environment/~3/FGyv89PUhgE/us-japan-nuclear-idUSKCN0YI06Z

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