85% of Cumbrians say NO to Nuclear Nightmare, While NuGen Peddle their Fairytale in Beckermet


Evening Mail Three Quarters of Voters Say NO
Evening Mail

In just one day 85% of 1268 Cumbrians said  NO to the nightmare of new build while NuGen peddle their “sleeping beauty” fairy story.  This poll is far larger than the responses to the first NuGen CONsultation and we suspect far more representative of Cumbria.  Many Sellafield workers who oppose Moorside would be reluctant to take part in a CONsultation which requires the consultee to provide personal information.

At the sleepy village of Beckermet yesterday Nugen peddled their “sleeping beauty” fairy tale. I spoke to some villagers who feel absolutely wretched and desperate but also unable to organise and make a stand against the nightmare which is already beginning on the flood plain of the river Ehen and out at sea with over 300 boreholes. There was no planning permission given or “necessary” for the boreholes which were given the ok by one delegated Copeland council official. The Moorside plan “needs” no proper independent scrutiny or planning inquiry – all it needs is a Development Consent Order from government and that is due in 2017. The people of Beckermet and surrounding villages must find the strength of will to fight this and say an unequivocal NO NO NO! If allowed to continue without waking up from this nightmare it will not end well for sleepy Cumbrian villages or for our neighbours.

The nightmare  of “Cumbria Atom Park”  and  “Sleeping Beauty” images reminscent of a science fiction dystopian fantasy are being peddled at the CONsultation, the  same CONsultation that invites the sleepy village of Beckermet  to help “shape our plans.”   The towns and villages surrounding the Moorside site must find the strength to organise and to say NO….sooner rather than later. In real life the beauty of the Moorside site has already started the process of being trashed with diabolic boreholes on the river Ehen flood plain…STOP NOW!

Cumbrian Atom Water Park #StopMoorside

Sleeping beauty #StopMoorside





7 thoughts on “85% of Cumbrians say NO to Nuclear Nightmare, While NuGen Peddle their Fairytale in Beckermet

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  2. Michaela Canning


    Please do not do this, for the sake of our children and their environment. We can prosper without this. To build this will put us in a low to medium probability something could go wrong (natural disaster, terrorist target etc), but the impact would be devastating! Therefore it is a very high risk to our country and beyond.

  3. Juliet Hext

    Building more Nuclear Power plants is irresponsible, should be illegal! ( a crime against the Earth and all her inhabitants), a complete waste of money, and UTTTERLY INSANE!!!!!!!!

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