Spanish Nuclear Reactor Cooling System Defects: Hold Your Breath Until Aug. 2017 or Longer – May Be Too Late

Too late..words we never want to hear in the same breath as …nuclear installation

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There is such a thing as too late. The world stands at the precipice of too late. Spain would have until mid August 2017 to address failings in the cooling system of Almaraz nuclear power station, with the loophole of “reasonably practical” and claims that it is safe, anyway. While this appears prompt compared to the US NRC, which has given US nuclear power stations from 2012 to 2019 to repair serious electrical defects, it may not be prompt enough. Notice that the question, below, was raised by someone in neighboring Portugal. There can be very serious transboundary impacts. Belarus was, and remains, more badly hit than the Ukraine by the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Authoritarian States may be required in these countries to keep a lid on knowledge of health impacts and the concomitant dissent:
Belarus, Ukraine and Russia were the most highly contaminated countries. About 5 million people…

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