Nuclear Ships: page 9 of Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers

Wastwater Chronicles

Barrow in Furnacepg 10 Barrow in Furnace – article on fiesty grassroots action in Barrow against Nuclear Waste Ships – reported in the excellent Undercurrents magazine in 1981. The colour image is from 2015 – a one woman protest against ever increasing Nuclear Waste shipments …Will Barrow find its grass roots Grrr again against Nuclear Waste Ships? 

Article from Undercurrents 1981

Barrow in Furnace

Three citizens of Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, are challenging in court the construction by British Nuclear Fuels of a £6m dock extension in the town.  The three members of Barrow & District Action Group Against the Import of Nuclear Waste, want to test the claim of BNFL that it needs no planning permission to carry out the extension, which will result in ships carrying nuclear waste docking less than 2km from a gas terminal.

The Action Group was formed by local residents following a report by the Political Ecology Research Group in…

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