Don’t Wait for the Titanic to Set Sail… Stop Moorside


2nd December Stop Moorside Advent

Government has pledged an unlimited blank cheque courtesy of the
public to the same companies, Toshiba/Westinghouse (NuGEN) responsible
for Fukushima. They want to build “the biggest nuclear development in Europe” here in Cumbria. Recent correspondence between Radiation Free Lakeland and
NuGEN shows that the developers have been given carte blanche to drill 100
boreholes on green fields at Beckermet and Greenmoorside.

Cumbria and Copeland Council have it seems, in 2012, given Planning
Consent over and above the heads of Cumbrians. There are no planning consents to be found online for Moorside. But there is consent given in May this year for
outbuildings at Peterburgh farm, Beckermet for conversion to holiday
dwellings. This same farm would be the outer part of the Moorside site
and would be demolished.

Our councillors have in effect given undemocratic, most likely illegal and
certainly unethical consent to three new, untried, untested and not even yet designed nuclear reactors and associated nuclear sprawl.

The first stage of “exploratory” boreholes has started. Boreholes are
being drilled 85m into areas of Greenmoorside known to hold radioactive contamination from Sellafield deep beneath the land.

There will be no “Environmental Impact Assessment” until the land has been
well and truly trashed. Copeland Council, Cumbria County Council and the
Environment Agency have given free rein to the nuclear industry to do as
they will with land owned by the public purse.

Meanwhile movers and shakers such as Friends of the Lake District and Cumbria Wildlife Trust have been busily engaged in the nonsensical Pylon consultation.
Nonsensical because if Moorside is halted, the pylons will not go ahead.
But the movers and shakers say they will not oppose Moorside because they
are passively waiting for a consultation from the developers. They might
as well wait for the Titanic to set sail.

In reply to Radiation Free Lakeland NuGEN have said: “You will not find
permits for the boreholes currently being drilled on the
Moorside site as they are not required. The planning consent NuGen was
granted in 2012 permits the drilling of the boreholes. The Environment
agency are aware of this activity …. a specific permit is not required”.

Cumbrians should oppose Moorside now before more tax payer millions are
spent. Nuclear will bankrupt our democracy, economy, our health and our

The online Stop Moorside petition has gathered nearly 5000 signatures with virtually no mainstream publicity


Planning Permission for Holiday Dwellings on Moorside’s Military Fences??


Just some of the Boreholes..

Moorside - 100 boreholes
Moorside – 100 boreholes



7 thoughts on “Don’t Wait for the Titanic to Set Sail… Stop Moorside

    1. Yes, that’s the problem. But, either way the taxpayer-ratepayer foots the bill. It can still be converted to another type of generating facility, as has happened in the US and Austria, if it’s built. A US one became gas operated and the Austrian one a movie studio before a solar generating facility. I think that the French designed ones can become museums, auditoriums, or even churches, synagogues, or mosques with their copper domes, rather than nuclear generating stations. The French have an artistic eye, but I would trust them with nothing technical! Some original US reactors were also too shoddily built to go online and the Austrians had the good sense to vote against theirs going online. It would have been better not to build one in the first place like the Irish. I remain convinced that government backed companies in France and Russia are a major problem. GDF Suez is one third French government owned: All of the floating stock would have to go to one person or almost all to exceed this amount. So, it is probably controlled by the French government, as EDF and Areva definitely are at 85 and 89% French gov owned. If countries own their own utilities and they are accountable to the citizens I am all for. But, it is wrong for these government owned companies to run around “competing” internationally. Who can compete? They can’t go bankrupt and France and Russia have fielded armies to protect their mines and oil fields! And, the French govt. through Areva oppresses their own citizens, taking them to court for objecting to policy, as in the case of Stephane Lhomme. I do feel bad for the loss of cow pastures, if it goes forward. Also, for the stirring of radioactive dust

  1. “The online Stop Moorside petition has gathered nearly 5000 signatures with virtually no mainstream publicity”

    As a signatory this gives me an enormous swell of pride that people care enough to actively seek out options to oppose the heinous act of nuclear power generation. Where there is will there is hope!

    Keep up the good work. Lets all fight together not only for a radiation free lakeland but also for a radiation free world.

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