Stop Moorside  Advent Calendar
Stop Moorside
Advent Calendar


The Arrest Monbiot website has launched an advent calendar highlighting the Stop Moorside campaign.

The Advent Calendar will feature a painting a day, from

“Just a Roe Deer” through to  “Just a Baby”

This Land, This Wildlife
Is Ours, Our Land.
A Beautiful Buffer Zone
Between Toxic Radioactive Spillages of Sellafield
And Old Cumberland Villages.
This Land
Our Land
To Be Sold Down the Wild River Ehen to Nuclear Mafia.
“Brownfield” They Call This Land of Greenmoorside.
Explosive Drilling of 100 Boreholes Has Started.
No Fuss.
“No Environmental Impact Assessment Neccessary”
“No Consultation Necessary”
This Land is Called Greenmoorside.
They call it Moorside. They call Nuclear the Light, The Way and The Truth.
All Nuclear Needs is
Just Our Land
Just Our Sea
Just Our Lakes
Just Our DNA.

This Land is called Earth
Was Called Earth?

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