Stop Moorcide

Many thanks to everyone who came along on the walk today.  We spoke to people out walking their dogs from the lovely village of Beckermet who had no idea that the Moorcide plan involved such a vast area of green fields, wetlands, coppice and hedgerows.  One local lady astounded at the plan asked Radiation Free Lakeland to put a map of the area in the Whitehaven news so that people would realise the extent.  We have written to the press time and again with maps and images of the area being proposed for sacrifice – all ignored.  The fact that EVERYONE we spoke to in Beckermet was unaware of the plan, thinking it was to be contained in the already expanded Sellafield site speaks of a press serving the industry and government ambition rather then the interests of people buying the papers.  We hope that this will change.

We saw wildlife that would be trashed by the plan, including roe deer and sedge warbler.  Cumbria Wildlife Trust didn’t even reply to our invitation to join us on the walk to see the extent of the diabolic proposal. They are however very helpfully  ‘consulting’ on the pylons from the proposed reactors!  Taking part in the pylon consultation only serves to condone the obscenity of the new build.

What you can do:

Ask Cumbria Wildlife Trust, to Oppose Moorcide

There is more you can do – lobby the National Trust, The Lake District National Park, and anyone and everyone you can think of to join those fighting the resistance to the diabolic plan.

sedgewarbler - Moorcide
sedgewarbler – Moorcide
Roe deer, Moorcide
Roe deer, Moorcide
Ancient Track - Moorcide
Ancient Track – Moorcide


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