The Old Feudal System is Alive and Well in Copeland.

Copeland is of Old Norse origin, so called from the Old Norse “kaupland” meaning “bought land” under the old feudal system.

The old feudal system is alive and well in Cumbria. The feudal masters being the nuclear industry who expect their pound of flesh from money stolen from the public purse and filtered through the nuclear prism “be grateful you serfs!”

Of course not all Copeland folk are up for selling their grandchildrens’ future for a mess of pottage but the nuclear feudal lords make sure that those in positions of power are more than happy to sell the family wealth. Copeland is known for its revolving doors between the nuclear industry council leaders and MPs.

Choose life and resist this plan to bury high level nuclear wastes within the fractured Cumbrian geology. Looking after the wastes into eternity above ground or near the surface would mean more jobs as the waste can be repackaged and monitored into eternity as it would need to be. No where else has an operational Geological Disposal Facility because the technology does not exist to contain high level radioactive wastes for 10 years never mind 10,000 years (much of the waste is dangerous far far longer but the powers that be are aiming for 10,000 years). Radioactive Waste Management (now advised by the CEO of West Cumbria Mining who was appointed to the Committee on RWM in November 2019) have no idea even how much steel and concrete they would want to use or whether there should be one, two or three GDFs, but they prematurely (by thousands of years) need Copeland to say yes in order to keep the whole nuclear shebang going with new build and new wastes. Enough is enough.

3 thoughts on “The Old Feudal System is Alive and Well in Copeland.

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Chief Exec Officer of West Cumbria Mining is one of 11 on the Committee of Radioactive Waste Management – that committee is responsible for advising Government that a Geological Disposal Facility would be a good thing – only Cumbria is in the frame!

  2. Roger Cartwright

    The feudal lords were the owners of the land/mineral rights that enabled the relatively brief period of prosperity based on iron, timber and coal that led to the rapid population growth and then a legacy of dereliction and despair that led to nuclear development, pollution and risk both now and for the future. You can’t blame the people, its like the rust belt of America!

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