Our friends at Close Capenhurst have two events coming up to protest the continued obscenity of uranium processing by URENCO in the UK, Cheshire and the transporting of uranium ‘products’ by Direct Rail Services.  These uranium products including nuclear fuel and nuclear wastes (spent fuel)  criss cross the UK on our roads and railways through towns and villages.  Our European neighbours have been protesting URENCO’s uranium enrichment activities and have succeeded in persuading their political leaders to adopt nuclear phase out.   We need to do the same here in the UK urgently.  URENCO, WESTINGHOUSE, DRS, SELLAFIELD and other nuclear industry suppliers are gearing up for new nuclear build with ever more dangerous nuclear fuels. Our European neighbours think we are bonkers. BONKERS to risk our lives, DNA,  water, air and land for the sake of fuelling new nuclear build.  It is too expensive in more ways than ££££££££££££££££££££££s.  £££££££££££££££££££££££££s  from the public purse are the very least worst thing about NUKILLER.

Forthcoming Events – Capenhurst & Crewe

There are two important protest events take place during June & July.

June 24th  –  Capenhurst

We will be going back to Capenhurst to read out the 1978 URENCO Declaration, together with an updated version, which will reflect the damage which currently being done by URENCO.

There will be some activists who were at the 1978 demonstration to read out these declaration.

The reading will start at 13.00.

Travel directions – Overground from Chester or Liverpool.

July 21st –  Crewe

Once again we will  be back to the DRS [ Direct Rail Service ] open day at their Gresty Bridge depot in Crewe.

DRS are the railway company which transport highly radioactice nukiller waste to Sellafield.

This will be our 5th demonstration and leafleting session at a DRS open day event.

This is what is stated about the event on the DRS website: –

‘Bring the family along for a fun day out as we invite you to have a look behind the scenes’.

We will be telling a very different story.

The leafleting session will last from 10.30 to 15.30.

The Depot is a 10 minute walk from Crewe station.

Please email Close Capenhurst to let us know if you can attend either of these events.



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