Remember Fukushima: Wales


Our friends PAWB, PEOPLE AGAINST WYLFA B tell us that:

“On March 11, we will be remembering that exactly six years have passed
since the triple explosions and meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear
reactor site. Over 150,000 from Fukushima Prefecture were forced to leave
their homes to flee from radiation, the majority of which are still living
in many different parts of Japan. It is likely that many of them will never
be able to return to their homes. We also know that 300 tonnes of
radioactive water flows EVERY DAY through the site of the Fukushima
disaster into the Pacific Ocean. So the crisis there is as acute as ever,
and we support calls for an international response to this environmental,
economic and social disaster.

Seven movements in Wales will be supporting an anti-nuclear event in The
National Library, Aberystwyth on Saturday, March 11. The speakers will be:

Jill Evans MEP, Plaid Cymru – Leaving Euratom, What Next?
Alice Hooker-Stroud, Leader Wales Green Party – Wales’ energy fufure and
our communities
Julie Ward MEP, Labour North West England – Fukushima’s experience –
nuclear power never again
Peter Smith, ex-engineer at Hinkley Point – Delusion, Denial, Deceit
leading to Danger, Disater and Death
Selwyn Jones, Cymdeithas yr Iaith – Wylfa B and the threat to the Welsh
Reinhard Uhrig, Global 2000 Austria – campaigning experiences and Austria’s
legal challenge to the financing of Hinkley Point C

There will also be two wokshops led by:
Linda Pentz Gunter, from the Beyond Nuclear movement in the USA on
American impressions of Toshiba and Hitachi’s financial troubles and plans
for Small Modular Reactors and advice on how to empower the anti-nuclear
struggle in Wales.
Sean Morris, Nuclear Free Local Authorities and Dewi Llwyd Evans, Ynni
Ogwen outlining success of renewable projects led by councils and

On behalf of PAWB, Dr.Carl Clowes said:

“This will be a very important event which will take the anti-nuclear
campaign in Wales to a more intense level at a time of major woldwide
problems for the nuclear industry. The only way new nuclear power stations
can be built in England and Wales will be with huge publicly funded
subsidies. We call on the UK Government and Welsh Government to recognise
this and to reject the dirty, dangerous, environmental and health
threatening and extremely expensive technology of nuclear power. They
should follow the examples of other countries who recognise that the
sensible and responsible way forward is to develop decentralised energy
systems based on renewable energy in all its diverse forms, and battery
storage of electicity which is rapidly falling in price.”

For those in the North West there will be a Vigil to Remember Fukushima outside Springfields Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Plant, Salwick, Nr Preston from 2.30pm on the 11th March.   Springfields is run by Toshiba Westinghouse and owned by the British Government (may soon be Kepco running the show – the vested interests will do anything to keep the whole shebang going until we say ENOUGH) . Who ever the interchangeable front companies end up being, Springfields would make the fuel for Wylfa B and Moorside and all the other new cancer factories planned for the UK….Unless…


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