CONsultation – A Quick Guide

Radiation Free Lakeland’s Quick Guide to the CONsultation Questions

The Consultation is a sham and invites Cumbria to be uncertain. A “Not Sure/Partly” answer would result in continuing “steps”

1.1 Do you agree with the Partnership’s initial opinions on geology? NO
1.2 The Partnership says “further investigation” is needed. West Cumbria is one of the most investigated geological areas in the country with a long history of mining. Mines were abandoned not because they were mined out, but because of the energy needed to dewater them. Areas of “high rainfall, permeable rocks and hills and mountains to drive the water flow” would guarantee leakage to the surface (1999 Government sponsored video – Pangea)

2.1 Do you agree with the Partnership’s initial opinions on safety, security and planning? NO
2.2 This Government aims to put “first wastes into the repository by 2029.” A Public Inquiry and Appeal agreed with Cumbria County Council’s view 15 years ago that the risk was too great for geological disposal of intermediate level wastes. Today’s plan includes high level wastes – a world first.

3.1 Do you agree with the Partnership’s initial opinions on the impacts, both positive and negative of a repository in West Cumbria. NO
3.2 A nuclear dump would blight both agriculture and tourism- Cumbria’s largest industries. Even before the emplacement of wastes’ the mining operation would rival the biggest mines in the world adding to the earthquake risk and disrupting West Cumbria’s water table

4. 1 Do you agree with the Partnership’s Community Benefits Package? NO
4.2 West Cumbria should be assured of essential infrastructure such as schools, roads and hospitals without being bribed.

5.1 Do you agree with the Partnership’s initial opinions on design and engineering? NO
5.2 The Partnership says that “ A facility will not be built unless it will be safe during its operations and for future generations.” Their own advice contradicts this: “Geological disposal safety plans do not assume that total containment by engineered barrier systems for ever is possible.” Dr Adrian Bath

6.1 Do you agree with the Partnership’s initial opinions on the inventory? NO
6.2 The inventory is meaningless as this plan includes existing wastes (which are already outside of the scope of any inventory) and new build wastes from untried “high burn” nuclear power plants.

7. 1 Do you agree with the Partnership’s initial opinions for siting a repository? NO
7.2 Longlands Farm and the surrounding area was ruled out by the Nirex Inquiry. New criteria have been written to rule Longlands Farm back in.

8.1 What are your views on whether the areas covered by Allerdale and/or Copeland Borough Councils should take part in the search for somewhere to put a repository without any commitment to have it?
This is a cunning plan to keep the process and the nuclear agenda on track. The government are sinking tax payer £millions into a timetabled ‘process’ “too big to fail.”

There would be a geological nuclear dump NOW in the Eskdale area if CCC had not opposed the plan 15 years ago.


The CONsultation is here – ends on 23rd March:

email/write copies of your CONsultation to the councils
Cumbria County Council
Allerdale Borough Council
Copeland Borough Council

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2 responses to “CONsultation – A Quick Guide

  1. Not all the consultation and conferences in the world can change the geology to make it suitable!

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