New Nuclear Laundry – Sign the Letter of Complaint to Ombudsman in Workington this Saturday 8th June- 1pm at the Clock

Energy Coast Nuclear Laundry - 2019 Google Map image captured 2009 of the site now a nuclear laundry next to Wulfsport International. See you at the Lookout Clock in Workington on Saturday 8th June from 1pm  - add your name to the Official Complaint about this New Nuclear Laundry   People may have seen local press coverage …

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Millenials and the Chernobyl Series: “Tell us the Truth!”   The Chernobyl series has sent a shock wave through the Millenial generation.  Millenials have been fed a grossly rose tinted view of the nuclear industry through the media, through the education system, through the wholesale abdication of mainstream NGOs ((Foe and Greenpeace in the UK have not actively had a dedicated campaign …

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A Quick & Dirty Look At Energy Coast Laundry’s Radioactive Materials Permit (Starting With Caesium 137 Discharges to Air)

Taking in the Nuclear industry’s dirty washing must be very lucrative. In 2013 we exposed the awful fact that Sellafield’s supposedly “non active” clothing was being taken in by Shortridge at Lillyhall, Workington. Shortridge also do the laundry for tourist businesses in the Lake District and were very annoyed at our revelations – they insist that the laundry is “non active.” So lucrative must this contract for a ‘contingency’ laundry with Sellafield be that the same company has now set up shop on a different part of the Lillyhall Business Park but this time they have gone all out for a “radioactive discharge” permit from the Environment Agency. What they don’t have is any planning permission so local businesses were not made aware of the dedicated nuclear laundry in their midst. Apparently the nuclear industry can now set up shop anywhere – near a food outlet, school, whatever. It is out of control. Many Thanks to Mining Awareness for this analysis of the Radioactive Substances Permit given to the Energy Coast (Nuclear) Laundry by our supposed protectors, the Environment Agency. It is shocking.

Mining Awareness +

Energy Coast Laundry, showing low set chimneys, photo via RaFL

Permit DB3996DJ – Energy Coast Laundry Limited
Permit number
Permit holder
Energy Coast Laundry Limited
Approved date
Permit type
Keeping & Use of Radioactive Materials and Disposal of Radioactive Waste (G)
Site address
Joseph Noble Road, Lillyhall Industrial Estate, Workington, CA14 4JX
Site postcode
CA14 4JX
Site reference
Local Authority
524865 More details of the permit are found at the blog post bottom, as reprinted by RaFL.

As can be seen above, “Energy Coast” laundry has an environmental permit, allowing radioactive discharges. While they claim that the risk from these artificial nuclear materials is small, we find no basis for this claim. Rather, the risk appears potentially large, depending upon how it is distributed. And, why should Sellafield nuclear waste site send its laundry offsite and discharge radioactive materials into…

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Tweet of the Day! Stop the Cumbrian Coal Mine – Only Nesting Place of Black Guillemot in England

Please keep signing and sharing the petition/letter asking James Brokenshire to call in Cumbria County Council’s outrageous decision to vote for a new undersea coal mine near to Sellafield ..Thanks!!

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Dear Friends,

as you may know Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole is a small group, with a small reach so we need all of you to help and please sign the petition to the Secretary of State James Brokenshire asking him to CALL IN CUMBRIA COUNTY COUNCIL’s OUTRAGEOUS DECISION

You may not know that St Bees is the only place in England where the amazing black guillemot nests – this coal mine so close to Sellafield threatens us all, not just the black guillemot!


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Nuclear Waste has No Place in a Child’s Sandcastle

Letter in the Daily Mail today (similar letter sent to ALL national press - only the DM published as far as I know) This is the letter I sent on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland to the DM..  (has been slightly edited in print) Nuclear Waste Has No Place in a Child's Sandcastle (or in …

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“Worst Criminality against Humankind” Report from Fukushima by Kazuhiko Kobayashi

  Members of Radiation Free Lakeland met up with Kazuhiko last autumn to show him the Sellafield area and he told us that there is money for climate research but not so much for research into the impacts of radiation on our food and health.   He is a kind gentle man and he was …

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Surround Springfields – Link up With Indigenous Folk – A Must Watch!   This is all thanks to Nikki from Stop New Nuclear.  I knew some of what was revealed but to hear such powerfully moving, first hand accounts of the terrible and ongoing impacts of uranium mining alongside the cynical industry spin and deception,  is shocking - how can nuclear be allowed to continue? The …

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Nightmare Coal Mine Near Sellafield – Ooops don’t mention Sellafield.

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Many thanks to Real Media for posting a guest blog – the background story and info about the coal mine fiasco that you won’t see in the main stream media.  There is an updated version below…

Featured Image -- 13693

Like one of those nasty nightmares that pulls the dreamer to an inevitable conclusion it is shocking that on March 19th in Kendal, Cumbria County Council approved the plan for the first deep coal mine in the UK in decades. Nevertheless it is rather suspicious that the Committee voted unanimously to give the green light to the diabolic plan. But then, there were no background noises of dissent in the years ahead of the planning decision that might have made the Committee think twice. Quite the opposite. There was almost universal silence from the national media.

54435025_2082179568709320_8220628813986398208_nProtest staged by Keep Cumbrian Coal in…

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