Thanks to All Who Came to Protect the Irish Sea from Seismic Blasting for a Deep Nuclear Dump

A video taken just before we handed in the petition to Copeland Borough Council/Nuclear Waste Services. Petition to be handed to Marine Management Organisation can be signed here:

A Rally was held on June 9th 2022 in Whitehaven to Celebrate and Protect the Whale and the Snail of the Irish Sea.

The rally took place at Whitehaven Harbour with messages of support from Nuclear Free Local Authorities, An Taisce – The National Trust For Ireland, renowned environmentalist Jonathon Porritt and many other groups both national and international.

We made our way from Whitehaven Harbour with accompanying music by Wild Chorus to Copeland Borough Council to hand in a petition to the “Community Partnerships” of Mid and South Copeland who have joined with Nuclear Waste Services to commission seismic testing of the Irish Sea under an “exemption” from public scrutiny.

RALLY TO STOP THE PLAN: Unless we stop the plan a ship in the Irish Sea will fire blasts of sound from air guns every 10 (or five) seconds for four weeks or more. This sound penetrates deep under the ocean floor to relay information about the geology. The sound in the ocean from airguns can travel thousands of miles from the source. Nuclear Waste Services (under the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) have been looking at the deep disposal of hot nuclear wastes. Under the Irish Sea is being actively considered. Seismic testing is preparation for: “Delivery of a Geological Disposal Facility.”

The CEO of West Cumbria Mining (currently focussed on coal) is advising Government on the digging of an enormous vault (or two) of 25km square. These vaults would be used to “dispose” of nuclear wastes and this seismic survey is the opening salvo in the quest for sub-sea “disposal” of heat generating nuclear wastes.

WHO DECIDED? There has been no public consultation or vote, Nuclear Waste Services, Radioactive Waste Management, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the handful of people on the Mid-Copeland “Community Partnership”(who do not represent the public ) decided to green light the plan over the heads of the public. Shearwater GeoServices have been contracted to carry out the seismic survey.

WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? Not only could creatures like whales, dolphins and seals in the Irish Sea be harmed, but everything down to tiny shellfish and even plankton could be impacted. Effects from blasting, can cause deafness to marine life and impair ability to navigate and find food. The Irish Sea is a Marine Protected Zone because of its wealth of biodiversity and vulnerable species.

Learn more about our dedicated campaign Lakes Against Nuclear Dump:

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