Save the Whale and the Snail from Siesmic Testing to Deliver a Deep Nuclear Dump Under the Irish Sea (coal boss is key advisor)

Coal boss is Key Advisor on Delivery of a Deep Nuclear Dump for Hot Nuclear Wastes Under the Irish Sea


The “Community Partnerships” of Mid and South Copeland have agreed to allow Nuclear Waste Services to commission seismic testing in the Irish Sea for four weeks (or more) in July/August. This is likely to be on the advice of CEO of West Cumbria Mining Mark Kirkbride who is key advisor to government on the digging of big deep holes for nuclear wastes (not that anyone would know this by listening to the mainstream NGOs narrow opposition to Kirkbride’s coal mine for whom govnt nuclear cronyism is of no concern?!) There has been no public consultation, or vote on the seismic testing in the Irish Sea. If there has been any environmental impact assessment at all it has not been subject to any public scrutiny despite the known damage that seismic testing causes. The “Community Partnership” suggests that the company hired to do the seismic testing (most likely on the advice…

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