Drigg’s Nuclear Waste “Drop In” – Show Opposition to the Plan for multiple Dumps – earliest to be delivered in a decade (they wish!)

Map showing land newly acquired on a long lease -the NDA are in the process of buying up more land in the vicinity. Map also shows mine/mineral rights released (with delays and reluctance) to Drigg resident under Freedom of Information


Campaigners will be holding a demonstration outside the Geological Disposal Community Partnership “Drop In” at Drigg and Carleton Village Hall this Friday from 11am to 12pm

Lakes Against Nuclear Dump say “The Nuclear Industry are looking for somewhere to dump their hot wastes in deep and not so deep silo’s. The West Cumbrian Coastal Plain on the edge of the Lake District is squarely in the frame once again.  On Friday we will be showing opposition to this plan and handing out information exposing the fact that 16  boreholes 120 metres deep have already been drilled at the Low Level Waste Repository to look at the possibility of Near Surface Disposal of Intermediate Level Wastes.    The Near Surface Disposal Plan for Intermediate Level wastes is say the industry being looked at in order to “co-locate” with the Geological Disposal plan for High Level wastes.  Near Surface Disposal would be delivered far faster – within 10 years according to the nuclear industry. Twenty five years ago the rejected plan for geological disposal was limited to low and intermediate level wastes, now it is for High Level Nuclear wastes.  Its fairly obvious that nuclear wastes would migrate even faster from a shallower grave. The Community Partnership is a farce.”

March 11th is also the 2011 Anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima disaster. Campaigners will hold a minute’s silence to remember the earthquake and tsunami that occurred causing the most severe nuclear accident since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Following the minutes silence they will walk the short distance to the Low Level Waste Repository for a site visit to see the Drigg dunes, a large area of which has now been leased to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority by Muncaster Castle Estates.

More information here:


Petititon  here https://www.lakesagainstnucleardump.com/petition

16 Boreholes have been drilled, with no public scrutiny or vote, to explore geology and hydrology with a view to Near Surface Disposal of Intermediate Nuclear Wastes at the UK’s Low Level Waste repository – despite NSD not being within government policy…

“The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

(NDA) has asked LLWR to conduct a feasibility study to assess the capacity
of the LLWR site as part of their wider studies on near-surface disposal.
This assessment is being delivered as part of the LLWR Environmental
Safety Case (ESC) review. It includes the drilling of new characterisation
and monitoring boreholes that reach a maximum depth of 120 metres. All of
which are within the LLWR site boundary.

It is important to note that development of a near-surface disposal
facility for some ILW, whether at the LLWR site or elsewhere in England,
would require an amendment to Government policy..”



3 thoughts on “Drigg’s Nuclear Waste “Drop In” – Show Opposition to the Plan for multiple Dumps – earliest to be delivered in a decade (they wish!)

  1. spectric

    More nuclear stupidity, it also shows how serious they are taking global warming and that COP26 was nothing more than hot air because looking to dump radioactive waste at sea level when scientist are still unsure of just how high sea levels will rise is utter nonsense and a very big gamble. It also makes you question whether rising sea levels have been taken into account regarding another potential act of nuclear stupidity and that is the GDF.

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