Thank You to All Supporters Old and New

Thank you to everyone who has supported and/or donated to Radiation Free Lakeland campaigns this year.  

Our Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole campaign logo drawn in biro on a ‘post it’ note back in 2017 feels more relevant than ever with its earthquakey doodle.  

We have recently received a letter from Government saying that the coal mine, should it be approved by the Secretary of State, WILL NOT be subject to a seismic Traffic Light System.  This is despite deep coal mining being recognised as producing earthquakes of frequency and magnitude far greater than that of fracking.  Reckless beyond belief especially given the location under the Irish Sea just five miles from the world’s riskiest nuclear waste site, Sellafield.  

It is more than likely that it has been pointed out to Government by advisors that a seismic Traffic Light System for the deep coal mine would make trouble for a planned “Geological Disposal Facility” for heat generating nuclear wastes even deeper under the Irish Sea. The mainstream focus on climate and jobs to the exclusion of earthquake/nuclear impacts regarding the coal mine has not done Cumbria or the planet any favours.

It feels like our two major campaigns Coal and Lakes Against Nuclear Dump are dovetailing, with the CEO of West Cumbria Mining being hailed as an “invaluable” advisor to HM Government on the plans for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF aka Deep Nuclear Dump) for heat generating nuclear wastes.  The obscene GDF proposal under the Irish Sea is to run alongside an outrageous “vision,” (for which Coal boss Mark Kirkbride is also Government advisor)  to dump intermediate nuclear waste into not so deep silos at the coastal village of Drigg. 

We are very grateful for the generosity of supporters and we will continue to campaign and expose nuclear madness no matter the amount thrown in the hat on the floor.  

Please do join us in our peaceful campaigning and …if you do feel you can throw some money in the hat, then this is our wish list for 2022.   

0.66p 2 second class stamps

£50 badges and stickers

£250 T Shirts  

£300 Leaflets

£500 an online campaign to counter deep and not so deep nuclear dump plans 

£2500 Press advertising (local)

£5000 Press advertising (national)

£10,000 Series of Sand Sculptures at St Bees by professional sand artists – protective clothing used to make sculptures would be sent for radioactive sampling analysis.

£10,000 x1 Scientific Report by independent experts

£100,000 Conference with independent experts – open access for the public and Series of Events including open air film screenings.

£250,000 Pre-planning application plans for Centre for Marine and Terrestrial (non-invasive) Radiation Monitoring (name tbc) – housed in low impact eco-building on the “Moorside” site adjacent to the flood plain of the river Ehen between Sellafield and Beckermet.

Blimey you say, that is some wishlist.  Indeed!  

But it is a drop in the ocean compared to what the nuclear industry funded by HM government are spending on: behavioural scientists,  advertorials and the like, aiming to nudge the public towards ever more dangerous new nuclear next to the world’s riskiest nuclear waste site alongside deep and not so deep dumping of nuclear wastes under Cumbria’s land and sea.

All donations from £1 to £100,000 will go directly to campaigning as we do not have wages to pay for Managers, Directors or CEOs. 


or contact:

Onwards and Upwards into 2022 

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