Not Before Time EDF’s Hunterston B is Switched Off For Good.

Hunterston B Photo by David Autumns

“Good news Reactor 4 next and then this cracked and broken risk will be removed from our lives. Just the radioactive cocktail it has cooked up in it’s internals to deal with for thousands after thousands of years. And they want to build more and claim them as green…” David Autumns

Largs and Millport Weekly News : “It was the end of an era at Hunterston B today as reactor 3 was taken offline for the final time at midday today.

The reactor was first switched on on February 6 1976.

When EDF acquired the power station it was expected to end generation in 2016. In 2012, EDF announced that the estimated end of generation would be extended……”

3 thoughts on “Not Before Time EDF’s Hunterston B is Switched Off For Good.

  1. Stuart W Hunter

    Hunterston B R3 was a great servant over the 46 years that it provided low carbon electricity. An independent report just out shows that nuclear power now has a lower lifetime carbon footprint than both wind and solar power. Its the power of the future!! And with a 200,000 year fuel source it can legitimately be called RENEWABLE. China has started expanding its nuclear power fleet so that it can stop opening one coal fired power station EVERY WEEK. The Emirates have just started up two new reactors in the past year. Nuclear Safety Groups applaud the superb management of the hazards such that nuclear is much less risky than driving your car…..yet you drive/use transport every day !! Nuclear Safety Groups assess the risks against the benefits using proven assessment techniques that are applied in all technical industries. People who are simply against something are therefore not a “safety group”. Dont forget the “safety group” fiasco that resulted in the Brent Spa oil platform being dismantled on land instead of disposed of at sea. That “safety group” was Greenpeace and they eventually publicly admitted that they got it wrong. Their independent safety assessments were amateurish and flawed yet they were able to swing public opinion to do something that was more dangerous overall. I hope you don’t succeed in your cause against nuclear power for this reason. Will you publish this or will you maintain your soviet like approach to propaganda?

  2. Dear Stuart Hunter, I disagree with your comment (above) on every point but at least your comment is not (too) personally abusive (unlike some of your others) so have published . The same generosity is not afforded by the nuclear industry and vested interests who actively suppress dissenting voices.

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