Identical Problems as that at China’s Taishan nuclear plant Predicted for all EDF’s Reactors – Time to Stop Hinkley!

Computer generatated view of an EPR nuclear power station

This is translated from the French Press : “The incident that led in July to the shutdown of a reactor at the EPR nuclear power plant in Taishan (China) would be due to a design defect of the vessel, say the CRIIRAD which warns of the risk of identical problem on other EPRs. An association created in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, the Commission for Independent Research and Information on Radioactivity (CRIIRAD) wrote Saturday to the management of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) to inform it of this information that it says it has from a “whistleblower”. “This is a Frenchman who works in the nuclear industry, having access to very precise technical elements on the situation of the core of the Taishan 1 reactor,” Bruno Chareyron, director of the CRIIRAD laboratory, told AFP…..”

….”In its letter, a copy of which was obtained by AFP, CRIIRAD wrote, on the basis of information provided by this whistleblower, that these “degradations observed on nuclear fuel assemblies (…) are due mainly to abnormal vibrations” of these assemblies. And that these “would be linked to a defect in the design of the tank of the EPR sector”. Still according to CRIIRAD, “results of tests on model 0.2” at Framatome in Le Creusot, from 2007-2008, would have revealed these shortcomings on the hydraulics of the tank. The association thus asks ASN, among other things, if it has been informed “of the detection of an abnormal level of vibration of the pencil assemblies in Taishan”.

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