Letter to The Keswick Reminder

Cumbria Trust are quite right to say the so called Community Partnerships are equivalent to time share schemes -easy to get/hard to get out of . Promoting GDF as “the least bad option” is not quite right though. The government policy for GDF is more about justifying new nuclear build than ensuring that the wastes are kept separate from the biosphere into eternity. A GDF anywhere is not safe and has not been achieved anywhere as the research into containment is ongoing – it may never be possible to abandon nuclear waste into eternity and say “it is safe beyond reasonable doubt.” Until the “beyond reasonable doubt” can be assured the role of those concerned with nuclear safety must be to ensure that the existing wastes are absolutely contained on site above ground and to ensure no more waste arrives at the dangerously vulnerable and ever increasing Sellafeld stockpile. Our petition asking for a moratorium on the push for a GDF is here https://www.lakesagainstnucleardump.com/petition

Cumbria Trust

In the article in last week’s edition headed “Radioactive waste site search is opposed by campaigners” it was stated that Cumbria Trust is an Environmental Group. This is not strictly accurate. The group was set up to provide a voice for those opposed to locating a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) beneathCumbria where the geology as already known to be unsuitable for the safe permanent disposal of the country’s stocks of radioactive waste.

Our safety concerns are not confined to members who oppose the nuclear industry, but also to those who support it or work in it. The disposal of waste in a GDF could well prove to be the least bad option for dealing with it but we, like many others, have no faith in the current process and suspect and fear that expediency will prove to outweigh geology at the expense of safety.

Once a Community Partnership has been…

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