Diné groups seek justice

“Clean Energy”?? It starts here with human rights abuses of indigenous people.

Beyond Nuclear International

Appeal ruled “admissible” by Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

By Valerie Rangel

History of the Diné Territory

Both the Crown Point and Church Rock communities lie within the area of northwestern New Mexico traditionally used and occupied by the Diné. According to Navajo cosmology, the Diné emerged from a series of worlds into the current world. When First Man and First Woman emerged, they formed the four sacred mountains with soil from the previous world. This area is considered the cradle of Diné civilization and the birthplace of several important Diné deities.

Water is Life

Water is the lifeblood of the planet. Access to a clean environment is vital to the continuation of language and culture for Indigenous communities. The Diné have distinct cultural and spiritual ties to the land, and the environment provides subsistence within their traditional homeland. The Diné worldview is that all things are interrelated and interdependent…

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One thought on “Diné groups seek justice

  1. Roger Cartwright

    Well done for locating this information that highlights the fact that nuclear is not a GREEN energy source at a time when the nuclear lobby is again working ‘flat out’ to get nuclear included as part of future ‘greener’ energy plans and policies – worth sharing widely

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