West Cumbria Mining On the Rocks Or Divesting in Readiness for Next Venture – a Big Hole costing 1.7 BILLION ?

Coal and Nuclear Hand in Hand in Cumbria as West Cumbria Mining lay off staff in readiness for next venture – a GDF ??

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

West Cumbria Mining have just published their annual report and it makes for interesting reading.

The much vaunted “local” company funded by EMR Capital based in the Cayman Islands have made their staff (not the directors) redundant, the office in Haywards Heath has closed, the secretive owner is prepared to stand the cost until the end of the planning process and a third party funder has been located who says they are prepared to fund development (Whatever that development is as No one has had sight of the latest licence applications from WCM)

Extract from West Cumbria Mining’s newly published Annual Report

The accounts (1.3) note that there is material doubt about the future…

However, Mark Kirkbride CEO of West Cumbria Mining has already smoothly moved into the more lucrative game of Geological Disposal – otherwise known as the plan to dump heat generating nuclear wastes deep underground. Kirkbride is…

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