Building Hinkley C, BBC Series Reads Like EDF Press Release, Meanwhile Not Mentioned is the Fact that EDF Plan Mass Destruction For Fish (and much else besides)

Hinkley C = 11 BILLION Dead Fish (and much more besides) photos by Stop Hinkley

The PR is relentless for the most dangerous new nuclear build in the UK with a plan for “high burn” uranium fuel made near Preston at Springfields, Salwick, which would take into eternity to cool. The BBC programme “Building Britain’s Biggest Nuclear Power Station” is less of a documentary and more of a Press Release written by EDF.

The programme series features big on fizzing enthusiasm in a big boys toys kind of way but neglects to balance this with any criticism of the hubris involved in continuing with this diabolic plan.

Diabolic in so many ways. The following is a message from Stop Hinkley…

“Stop Hinkley and representatives of concerned wildlife groups met for their own publicity event outside the Planning Inspectorates offices on 8th June 2021.

The intention was to coincide with the first day of the 10 day Public Inquiry into EDF’s application to vary the environmental permit. EDF have decided since the Development Consent Order (DCO) was given in 2013 to now, not use, an Acoustic Fish Deterrent (AFD) on the water intakes for the direct cooling of the Hinkley Point C reactors. A huge banner was displayed in front of the Planning Inspectorates offices saying “Hinkley C = 11 Billion Dead Fish”. It also illustrated the tunnels of death that the fish will be sucked into as 132 cubic metres per second of water is needed to cool the reactors.Environmental groups have estimated that half a million fish per day will be sucked in with the cooling water over the 60 year life expectancy of the power station.Colourful Fish characters were made to illustrate the marine life which will be threatened in the Bristol Channel/ Severn Estuary habitat. If you wish to follow the Public inquiry up to and including the final summing up on 24th JuneYou can watch on live stream – You tube: APP/EPR/573 – Hinkley Point C, Bridgwater”

Here in Cumbria we are only too well aware that the nuclear waste from new build Hinkley C would likely end up here eventually whether it is low, intermediate or the heat generating high level which from Hinkley C would be hotter than ever. Scrap Hinkley …Sooner Rather Than Later!

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