Is Silloth and the Solway Plain the target once again?

No area in Cumbria should be in the frame – not the Irish Sea, not Millom, not Silloth. The new and dishonest RWM/CoRWM “process” is aimed not only at bribery of those souls who can be persuaded to go along with the diabolic plan and exclusion of those thoughtful voices opposed, but also at divide and conquer “not here, there” Radiation Free Lakeland and our dedicated campaign Lakes Against Nuclear Dump say “NOT ANYWHERE”. Call a halt to “Delivery” of a deep nuclear dump Now.

Cumbria Trust

As we highlighted back in January, Allerdale has been volunteered by an individual as a potential site for burying the nation’s nuclear waste in a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF)

Over the last few months Cumbria Trust has met on a number of occasions with the developer, Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) and with a Working Group in Allerdale which has been tasked with defining a search area within Allerdale or under the seabed off the coast of Allerdale.

In this latest search process the Lake District is excluded, and when that is combined with areas previously excluded due to the presence of certain minerals and aquifers, the available onshore area in Allerdale becomes rather limited.The map below shows these exclusions in pink.Combined with the recent suggestion from RWM and the geologist working for the previous process, that the Mercia Mudstone may be a suitable host rock, this leads us to…

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3 thoughts on “Is Silloth and the Solway Plain the target once again?

  1. Kate Wickham

    I live in Silloth. I knew this wouldn’t go away. Mercia mudstone is not suitable. I agree that this should not be needed anywhere. Supporters of nuclear energy say waste is negligable .
    Please keep me informed.

  2. Roy Oxlade

    Has anyone noticed that no one down south has stood up and offered the new forrest or the south downs as a site to be desecrated by radioactive waste, and lets not forget the thames estuary, London clay is supposed to be geologically better than the fractured and complex geology of Cumbria. Offering bribes to local communities is not going to make the scientific issues go away and how will future generations judge us if we leave them a toxic radioactive legacy to deal with, finding abandoned coal shafts under houses is bad enough. It is becoming more obvious that the nuclear industry is getting desperate to hide it’s waste somewhere and are now showing no signs of professionalism in finding any place they can, given time they may just start fly tipping it.

  3. They already do with the lower level (but still dangerous ) stuff ! Sellafield was fined a token £1M (still the taxpayer pays) for flytipping bags of low and intermediate level waste into Lillyhall landfill – that was one instance that got found out – what about the rest?! Leaks are routine even without the flytipping. enough is enough.

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