Journey to the Safest Place on Earth

Journey to the Safest Place on Earth – a “must watch” film for Cumbrians….

Members of the Copeland and Allerdale “Working Groups” are a few self selected people who have put their faith in the nuclear industry’s promises, they do not speak for Cumbria – or even for Copeland and Allerdale although the Borough Councils’ have been persuaded to ‘join.’ We urge the “Working Groups’ to watch this film and reconsider their reckless volunteering (once again!) of Cumbria’s scientifically recognised complex and faulted geology as a deep dump for high level nuclear wastes. Check out our Lakes Against Nuclear Dump website for more information.

Journey to the safest Place on Earth, A film by Edgar Hagen


Over the last 60 years, more than 350,000 tons of high-level nuclear waste have been amassed all over the world. This material must be deposited for thousands of years in a safe place, i.e. one that will not harm humans or the environment. However, such a repository has yet to been created and the production of nuclear waste continues unabated. Swiss-based nuclear physicist and internationally renowned repository specialist Charles McCombie and some of his most important allies provide director Edgar Hagen with insight into their persistent struggle to find the safest place on earth in order to resolve this grave dilemma.

«The question is not whether the nuclear waste will leak out of Yucca Mountain, the only question is when it will happen.»Steve Frishman, Nevada State Technical Policy Advisor and Yucca Mountain Project Fighter since 1987

Watch the Full Movie …

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